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Zing wont connect [Resolved]

KSimmKSimm Member Posts: 3
edited March 2015 in Resolved Issues
I purchased PCS and got a file and cut it with my Zing cut perfectly. Later that evening I went to cut a design in MTC and the Zing port showed up as COM1 connected then switched to not connected. The normal port is the USB port - not showing up at all any more.
I am very good with PCs drivers etc so this is what I have done
plug and unplugged all devices to see if it just needed a reset (PC, ZING)
deleted all ports restarted computer to allow them to reinstall /reset
changed USB cord/tested cords on different device (all working)
reinstalled MTC drivers and Zing plugin and CDM20828_setup.exe .FDI and CutOK
Restarted computer
rolled back computer to day all was working with cutter
Reinstalled all drivers again
Reset Zing limits w/ red button
Moved to different computer installed software and drivers restarted computer
Changed USB port
tested all ports - it reads all other devices - it does not even pop up or ping when plugged into any USB port
Unplugged all devices (Zing, Laptop) waited 3 mins restarted laptop then zing then inserted USB into Laptop
Nothing worked.
Installed PCS on new PC to see if sending file through there to MTC it would recognize machine- NOTHING
I do not understand as I just used the machine Saturday with PCS
Please help
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