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[Resolved] Is it possible to copy MTC files to usb to transfer to another OS

ManxmomManxmom Member Posts: 107
edited March 2015 in Resolved Issues
I have MTC on my Mac and also on Win 8 tablet but only use the Mac so far. Is it possible to copy all my MTC files onto usb and transfer to my Windows tablet? I have tried but can't do it.
The only reason I'm trying to do this is on Win OS apparently you can see your designs easily in their file. On a Mac you can only see them by viewing them in the MTC preview box once you have chosen which file you want.
I have 100's and I would like to be able to print them all out so I can see at a glance which file I want. At the moment I try and name them so I know but when you have designs very similar it gets very difficult.
Any ideas will be much appreciated as this isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,226
    Yes, it is possible to transfer MTC files via a usb / thumb drive from a MAC computer and put them on a PC for use. I regularly transfer MTC files as well as other programs files between my Mac and my PC computers. It shouldn't be any different then transfer between any two Macs or any two PCs. Exactly what have your tried to do and it hasn't worked?

    One note - you will have to make sure that the USB/thumb drive is formatted correctly to support use with both a Mac and a PC, most should already be that way anymore but that is the only issue that I can think that might cause you a problem.

    Are you talking about viewing them on the PC with the MTC Thumbnail viewer? If that is what you are talking about, realize that this is a separate download from the MTC homesite that has to be downloaded and installed properly on your computer?

    Also, another option for transfer between computers is to use a cloud type service like Dropbox. You can install it on both your Mac and your PC and then transfer files that way as well.
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  • ManxmomManxmom Member Posts: 107
    I highlighted all my mtc files to copy and then went to paste to usb but when i went to paste there was no paste option, therefore they mustn't of copied. I will keep trying. I will also download thumbnail viewer for the tablet, once successful on getting onto usb or dropbox as i will try that also. Thank you :)
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  • markusofmarkusof Member Posts: 458
    easiest way is dropbox
  • ManxmomManxmom Member Posts: 107
    I have finally managed to get them from Mac to Win 8 :) I'm amazed how I can see each and every file, wish the Mac could do this. I found some better instructions on google for partitioning my usb for Mac and Win. Now I just need to figure out how to save to documents on Win os
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  • ManxmomManxmom Member Posts: 107
    Wow I'm like a kid in a candy store :) I can now see them all in documents and in preview in MTC, plus i can just click on one in documents and it takes me straight to MTC virtual mat!
    Issue resolved :)
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