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I dont know how

bluejadebluejade Member Posts: 208
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i want our lovely MTC people make a facility for scan n cut cutter please I don't know how to get into the scan n cut discussion on here so carnt post this for help.So if anybody else that uses canvas the horrible software sorry if you like it.I have always use MTC for all my cutters even scan n cut in a round about way.I do my file in MTC then save it to svg through export.I then import to canvas was going well everything.now it keeps saying err s10 no matter what I put in.I thought too big so scaled it down no wont work I thought right clear some files out in case its limited to saving files no still not except.So I thought to prove a point I cut a shape in MTC and save in svg but wont even except a shape still says err s10.I am truly sorry for posting here but cannot figure how to use the scan n cut forum which I think is great MTC allows I am a MTC lover have been for a very long time use with all my cutters wouldn't swop it for nothing.My hubby bought me this programme a few years back and its the best thing I ever got ive got pop up too but not worked that one out im afraid.The people here are so helpful too and you never stop learning on MTC sorry for going on but love the programme ......MAZ
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