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23.5" Wall Clock -(Picture added outside of zip file)

lightroselightrose Member Posts: 163
edited January 2015 in Shares
I really like my wall clock, it is 23.5". On the main page I laid out most of my design. 2nd page is the top part of the clock, page 3 is the bottom part of the clock. 4th page is the leaves and design parts. On the second outside of the cut area is the size of the clock where I started from. I always leave the design on the outside of my cut area on its own layer and lock and hide it when I go to cut.
I purchased my clock parts at www.clockparts.com.
You can use the lay out for your design, change out my name to yours, change out the leaves to what you like and play around.
I'm thinking of making one for my granddaughter with all the Dora files that @Berryone (Dave) has shared with us. I think she will love it.
I am trying to learn how to change my resolution on my pictures to make them smaller, but for the time being I put everything in a zip file.
Go for your walls...

Here is the picture now.

Lightrose ;)
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