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January 6th Webinar [Over] - What questions or topics do you have?

SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,293
edited January 2015 in General
Hello everyone,

Each week, I will start a thread a couple of days before the webinar as a place to write you questions and topics for the Q&A Webinar that week. This won't guarantee that every question and topic will be answered or covered, but it will at least give us a starting point for the webinar.

This is the thread for the Q&A Webinar on January 6th. You can register for this webinar at:
Tue, January 06, 2015 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM EST

This will be for both MTC and PCS (Popup Card Studio). The latest version of MTC and PCS will be used in this Q&A

The list of January Q&A Webinars that you can register for can be found in this thread:

Type in your questions or topics below, but here are some RULES for this thread:
- Keep the questions/topics specific (e.g. do NOT ask "How do I use MTC?")
- Try to keep each post to one question/topic or a group of related questions/topics. If you have more than one unrelated question/topic, then add another post.
- Keep the wording in the post to the question/topic and any necessary detail
- If there is an existing thread that is dealing with the question/topic, and you feel that it would be a good question/topic to cover in the webinar, then post a link to that thread along with the question/topic.
- Do NOT post if you are not asking a specific question/topic (e.g. no "Me too!", "Great idea", or "That was covered before" type posts)
- If you see someone post a question/topic that you can help with before the webinar, feel free to work with them, but NOT on this thread - start a new thread or send them a PM or email.
- Try to remember, when you are posting a question/topic, that we can only show what is on our screen. We can't share images of off screen things we are doing (loading the cutter, paper, etc.).
- If you have a file that goes with the question/topic, then feel free to post it also. Please do NOT post copyrighted files (links to the original website would be OK).

I may have to add more rules [am I starting to sound like a tyrant yet ;-)], but that is probably enough for now. I am trying to keep this thread simple and succinct so that it can be a manageable tool used to improve our Q&A Webinars. Therefore, I will be EDITING and/or DELETING posts in this thread to keep them manageable and within the rules above. I am human, and will probably edit/delete too much in someone's eyes at some point, but please realize that I am doing so to keep things manageable. Please do not take offense at my edits/deletions. If you have an issue with what I did (or didn't do), please let me know at my email address (posted in my profile) or send me a PM.

This will not be the only venue for questions/topics for the webinar - we will also still continue using the question area in the webinar itself.

OK, If I haven't scared everyone off with my tyrannical rules...
Let the games, I mean questions, begin...
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  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,293
    FYI: Questions can be for either MTC and the new Popup Card Studio (PCS). The latest version of MTC and PCS will be used during this Q&A.

    An added request: If you don't mind, please type your name in your post so that we know who to talk to during the webinar, and also indicate whether or not you have a microphone in case we want to talk through your question...

  • l00pyl0ul00pyl0u Member Posts: 281
    Hi @‌SBryanW the nuisance english here again with another design question.

    okay I really cant see that people sit there physically drawing each of the Notches used for gluing on a curved design, and I cant figure out how they do it so perfectly!
    So is there a way to create notches around a curved shape?
    eg draw a straight [email protected] 3inch long, then use node editing and curve it, ideally not in a straight forward curve, more curved at one end than the other, then add the notches you would use for gluing. Or adding notches to one of the stars in the basic shapes. Or even better the astroid in the basic shapes!
    There has GOT to be a way to do this, but I am blowed if I can figure it out,!
    Thanks if you manage to answer this question. I wont be watching live, as I will be in bed asleep, lol,

    PS you are a star you know!
    E-Craft, Cameo, and the Zing has arrived, Scan n cut, and Now Mick the Mog (Thyme Graphics/Black Cat Cougar) has joined the family
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  • RyteRyte Member Posts: 5
    I'm brand new pop card studio owner. It is amazing what I can do with the program. My question is- I need to work with a svg file on CorelDraw or Inkscape. When I export svg file from PCS to these programs my svg files are frozen- I can't work with them to make the changes. Is it some hidden tricks I don't know? Can somebody help me?
  • inmind4uinmind4u Member Posts: 5
    Hi! Brand new to my Zing Air. My question is...I create PDF files from Photoshop Elements so that I can drop them into the layout page of the zing software. My problem is that my PDFs are usually 12x18 and 12x24". How can I separate the image so that I can cut the upper part of the image and then cut the lower part of the image? I currently use Silhouette Cameo and it is very easy to do this because you have to trace first what you'd like to cut so I split my image and cut the upper first and then bring the lower portion of the image into the virtual cutting mat and then make that cut. I really need to be able to do something quite similar to this and I am hoping that someone may be able to help. I will be using my KNK Zing Air everyday for my business and the Silhouette can't stand up to this type of performance which is why I decided to purchase this brand.

    I have attached photos of what I am trying to accomplish with the Zing. The photos are of my Silhouette software. The PDF loaded on my image 1 is 12x24". I highlight what will fit on the 12x12" mat and instruct it to trace. On image 2 it's the bottom half on my 12x24" PDF layout that I have dragged onto the virtual mat so that I can cut that separately. You'll notice that I overlap a portion of one sentence which allows me to match my pieces of 12x12" papers together. So...phew...long..I know...very sorry. Any help in letting me know if this is achievable on the Zing air would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.
  • JacksonGrayJacksonGray Member Posts: 21
    Working with Zing Air - My name is Jackson - first forum - learning stuff, but...
    I'm trying to be economical with materials and have filled my virtual mat with images. My material is on the 0 of the KNK mat, the grid of my virtual mat starts at .5 - Can I put images between 0 and .5?
  • elliott37elliott37 Member Posts: 1,056
    @Ryte I saw your question in the other thread that you started before reading this thread.

    In Corel Draw... Select the object, right click, choose "Unlock object" from the flyout menu. Or open the Object manager. You'll see the svg from PCS on a layer (layer 1 if the design's the only thing you have on the screen) as "Locked SVG data, etc"
    You can right click that, too, and select "unlock object" from the flyout. Hope this helps.
    In NC cutting with a Cameo, 18" BC Cougar, & Pazzles Vue
  • FranGranFranGran Member Posts: 74
    Bryan, I'm trying to get some shapes ready to cut with MTC for applique and I have done it before but I'm having a problem this time.
    Frist of all I need mm instead of inches, how do you change that setting?
    Second and I have a screen shot attached, when I select the shapes to re-size the exact size I need, I'm getting a box a little bigger than my shape. This has to be exact or it will never fit.
    Can you help me?

  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,293
    1. Please join my Webinar.

    2. You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

    Or, you may select "Use Telephone" after joining the Webinar.

    Dial +1 (415) 655-0053
    Access Code: 436-103-080
    Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar

    Webinar ID: 159-864-843

    Webinars Made Easy®
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