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Free svg files

Sawdust607Sawdust607 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Cool Sites
I just purchased this download and so far it is full of information that is great, check it out at SVGhunter.com. Happy New Year


  • Barb_craftroboBarb_craftrobo Member Posts: 44
    This looks interesting, and I was going to join, but I'm cautious of having to download their database every month. I haven't done much SVG searching so it may be no big deal, but I would me more comfortable with it if the searchable database remained on their system, especially since they're only providing links to the free svg sites.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,305
    Hi Barb - the developers and distributor of the program (I think its @MichelleMyBelle and @ScrappyDew) are both long term members here on the forum. What is it that you are worried about? I am sure that they will be happy to address any concerns you might have to make you more comfortable in using.
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  • Barb_craftroboBarb_craftrobo Member Posts: 44
    Yes, thanks! I just wouldn't want to get more than I was expecting with the downloads.
  • craftyladycraftylady Member Posts: 195
    I just purchased also and several things concern me; (1) the download was a little hairy possibly due to my anti-virus program, if I didn't know these people I would not have installed the program, (2) if I do a search through Google sometimes the item I like is no longer available by following the link, (3) most of the items in the current database are by well known creators and I can find them on my own, (4) I just know that I am going to want something I saw in a previous download and be very frustrated that I can't find it when I need it. I am hoping that they will find the more obscure freebies out there, the ones that are difficult to find and may not stay around. If that happens then the money will be well spent.
  • scrappingmom2007scrappingmom2007 Member Posts: 1,433
    I just downloaded the program last night. I didn't have trouble installing the program, but had problems downloading the data base. For some reason I couldn't access it through the program. I cut and paste the data base to my desktop and then it worked fine.

    I agree right now most of the files could be found on your own. But for me it is worth the money to have it all in one place. I am loving it. I think this will be a time saver for me and the more time I have for crafting the happy I am:).


    @‌ Barb_craftrobo you only download the files you want from the original site.
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  • Rob_from_ScrappyDewRob_from_ScrappyDew Member Posts: 527
    @MeFlick‌ You are correct - it's a joint adventure. Michelle came up with the concept and has been a mad tagger all of these free svgs for easy searching. No auto bots were used in hunting these SVG files nor did we want to provide coloring book images that people trace.

    The latest program version 1.0.3 eliminates you manually opening/downloading the database. So all you have to do is install the program and go... with a fresh database every time you open it. This fresh database is key because you have those designers that give you the "weekly freebie" and michelle makes that folder possible. You do however will have to enter a manual access key once a month and you get this by logging into your account on the 1st of the month. This more of a loss prevention measure to ensure the active members are the ones that benefit from michelle's hard work on it.
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  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Member Posts: 4,632
    Hey Everyone,

    Sorry, I’ve not been on the forum in a bit. :) Thanks Rob for answering some of the questions.

    Please feel free to send an email to support, I’ll be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. If your needing assistance and I don’t get to the forum, I may not know you’re needing help. :) Please be sure to watch the Video Overview located in the Members Area, it will help answer any questions you may have.

    craftylady, there is no need for you to search Google for the freebie, you select the file you’re wishing to download and click the Visit Website button, it will take you directly to the site/blog where you can download the file.

  • AngeliCutsAngeliCuts Member Posts: 177
    edited January 2015

    You do however will have to enter a manual access key once a month and you get this by logging into your account on the 1st of the month. This more of a loss prevention measure to ensure the active members are the ones that benefit from michelle's hard work on it.

    @Rob_from_ScrappyDew So, you have DRM in your software that is enforced every. single. month. Is this REALLY necessary for a $20/year software that looks for free SVGs on the internet??

    Can you imagine if MTC or Adobe tried to do the same or very similar thing? If this was another industry, people would be raising a ruckus over this.

    Don't punish your PAYING customers because of the potential for piracy. People that pirate don't have to go through the hoops that you're putting up for your customers and they would never pay $20/year if somehow they weren't able to circumvent your DRM.
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  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Member Posts: 4,632
    @AngeliCuts, I'm sorry you feel this way. :) It's to protect the information that I hand enter in, which has taken me many hours.

    I'm doing all the searching so others won't have to, saving users many hours looking for SVG files. I felt the program would beneficial to crafters. :(
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,868
    I think it's a great idea! I love it so far and I think the price of $20 per year is well worth it. And of course you have to protect yourself against piracy.
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  • scrappingmom2007scrappingmom2007 Member Posts: 1,433
    I don't feel I am jumping through any hoops. Not having to spend time surfing for free svgs is great. For a $1.66 it save me time and energy.
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