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Option to cut by layers

marsmars Member Posts: 1,118
I have been following this discussion


and I know we can put the parts of the file on different layers and open/close layers to cut each one separately.

I know a little about how @Andy optimizes the cut path for the design - and imagine that it might be a big task to fix it so we can manually control the sequence of cuts. It would be simpler to give us the option to cut each layer completely - than cut each subsequent layer completely - layer by layer through the whole design. In effect it is the same as cutting only the open layer then closing it and opening the next layer and sending it to the cutter but would be automatic and would give us a way to control the motion of the cutter and limit traveling all over the design to cut all the inner shapes first. It would do the optimized cutting on smaller segments of the design and complete each before moving to another area of the mat.
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