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Turning an image into a stencil

skshahskshah Member Posts: 5
Hello Bryan,

I love your software but haven't mastered as I don't do more advanced work like the others doing scrap-booking and card making and creating patterns. But as an artist really admire the work you have done with this software and how it helps us using it in various ways.

I use mtc to create my designs and stencils and templates for making my work.

I am not as thorough and good as others with what I want to do & I know there is very very huge number of cake artists like me who would like to use this feature for their cakes and Gum paste flower making.

I have shown them how I create my templates for flower making. They were amazed as it would eliminate them buying costly cutters for their work. BUT, they found it too technical as most of them are not computer savvy.

I would really encourage you to think about a feature, turning your images to stencils and paper cutting templates if it is possible. As there could be a big potential clientele if it becomes easy as breeze for them to do. I am not only a cake artist but a cold Porcelain artist where I use your software which I had initially bout it for my son's school project.

I own the Cricut cake and use it.

I greatly admire your dedicated Tuesday webinars which I did attend on regular basis but could not keep up with it. So I do watch them as you post them.

Please do let me know if you have any further questions on my request.

My special thanks to you and your team.

Thanks you so much for the wonderful work yo uhave done.

Warm Regards

Sangeeta Shah

http://www.everlastingblooms.webs.com (Please check out my work so you get an idea.)


  • skshahskshah Member Posts: 5

    This is the iris made out of cold porcelain and gum paste for which I used your mtc to draw the template,render it, cut it out out of stiff board and then make cutters for it to use.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,340
    @skshah - an interesting craft facilitated by Make The Cut! Just so you know, Andy is the developer of the program, and Bryan is a volunteer that showcases Make The Cut! and Pop-Up Card Studio in the weekly webinars, as you know, so MTC isn't really "his" software. So if you want to get Andy's attention, put a @ in front of his user id (Andy) and perhaps he will read the post.

    As to your requests, I think we already have the paper cutting templates part of your comment "I would really encourage you to think about a feature, turning your images to stencils and paper cutting templates" already down pat...importing an image of any type supported, using the Pixel Trace automatically renders a paper cutting template. The stencil part is a bit more complex - I would think, I don't know that we have had a request like that previously...I am assuming you want a wave a magic wand kind of tool and it makes what is selected or what is on the mat into a stencil type of cut. With all the other items on the Wishlist have previously been requested, it may take Andy a long while to address this one...just so that you know. :))
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,340
    As a PS thought...check out this page:


    Especially the part Gray Scale "Color Scan" Trace Option that might be helpful for some of the stencil work your people might be doing. I may not help those that are not computer savvy...I say for those people, perhaps they are better suited to doing it the old-fashioned way if they aren't able or are reluctant to use computers.
  • SimmerSimmer Member Posts: 483
    I don't use my zing to cut paper or doing scrapbooks, wish I had the time! I run a small business, stained glass, fused glass and make stencils as well as patterns with MTC. Tonight I cut mica that I glued to a mat for a magizine article on the process. I would love for MTC to make stencils. I make them myself now.
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