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TeriTeri Member Posts: 5
Would love to see MTC develop an app and be able to use MTC on the I pad
It would be great to be able to use my I pad to enjoy all MTC has to offer, instead of
just being able to use it on laptop or desktop.
Any possible chance this could happen?
Hope so.
Thank you


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,598
    edited October 2014
    @Teri, there are a LOT of discussions about this. You can cherry pick from this search. http://www.make-the-cut.com/search/?q=mtc+ipad

    here is a thread about this topic. They mention an app you might want to know about.


    They also mention in other threads that you can't use your iPad to cut MTC files. And a couple of people mention that there is a Windows tablet that runs a full version of Windows. With that you can design on the go, then plug in your cutter when you get home to cut the files you designed.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,682
    @Teri...I think more of us would like to see a few remaining bugs worked out, as well as the addition of some of the wishlist items to an update of the Make The Cut! program than there are those wanting an app for their phone. I can control my whole computer from my iPhone, my Android tablet from anywhere, so to me a scaled down version of MTC as an app doesn't make much sense - to do what?? (no really, I would love to know what people would do with such a small viewing area to work with!). Can't imagine what people's designs would look like from using an app based on how they type a message to this forum from their phones, ha ha!!! :))
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
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