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I guess you never really do get finished raising your kids..........

CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
edited June 2010 in Off Topic
This is gonna sound stupid but it makes me sooooooo flipping mad when I try to do something and just can't get it!!!!!!!!! I meant to have casey take the dishwasher apart this weekend and clean it all out and I forgot. So, here's me thinking I can do it and low and behold I have it half apart and can NOT for the life of me get the last two screw thingies out!!!!!!!!! I have thrown half the pieces to it across the kitchen, stomped my feet, screamed, and dang near cried I"ve gotten so frustrated.

Finally, I yelled so loud I woke mom up to which point she says "sister, what in this world is the matter with you". I started screaming again about not getting it apart and slinging tools around the kitchen until mom is busting out laughing at me and informs me I am acting like a two year old and ask if I need a time out. I had to laugh then because she was right.LMBO

I guess the old saying you never are finished raising your kid's is right huh?LOL

Okay , back to fighting the dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!!!
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