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My scrap chick!!!!!!!!!- NEW question in first post!!!!!!

CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
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UPDATE: Okay how the heck do you use these? Every one of the colored SVG files I've opened comes in at the SAME flipping size even if I click the actual size button. How are you suppose to size the pieces so they cut in the correct way to piece it all together? I am not gonna be a happy camper if I have to go through everyone of these files I bought and break them apart and change the colors manually just to get the pieces in the correct sizes.LOL

I am wondering why some of these files are so big!!!!!! I'm gonna go to sleep waiting on them all to download. A simple smores file is 4.36 MB and it's a ZIPPED file for pete's sake. I'm SLEEPY and I apparently bought to many because this is taking for flipping ever!!!!!!!LOL
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