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Oh I am too hot to bake LOL

rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
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I have been in th kitchen all day it seems but it's not een noon I have only two layer to bake yet An it is too darn hot in there The kitchen does not have an vent for the Ac but guess what that succker is going to ne solved before the next cake I tell you I have a window ac fro that foom but guess what I haven't got it in yet silly me forgot about it but it will be in in just a bit got to go out in the garage and get it. Darn man of mine said oh I'll go get it and then went to bed instead. The color will be white and periwinkle for the on then the other is an all white the first cake is white- chocolate and lemon with respective cream fillings the other is all vanilla filling. so when you are in the coolness of your craft rooms think of me in the hot kitchen. LOL for the day. i check in later.
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