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KNK Zing blade carriage freezing and not moving back to right position at end of cuts [Resolved]

Katefisher510Katefisher510 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Resolved Issues

Ok so I was going to delete the below post - but just in case anyone else ever comes across this problem I thought I'd write what the solution was....

So the problem was indeed the warning that 'make the cut' was giving about the image being outside the cutting area of the mat. This apparently makes the machine (and software) do all kinds of crazy things! On closer inspection of the virtual mat of my project, I could see the main image was not central (check the layers palette bottom right of screen). So I went back to adobe illustrator (where I had created the SVG file for cutting) and sure enough..... there was a small 'dot' that was in the image outside of the normal page. This wayward little dot was what was causing my image to appear to be outside the cutting area. By simply deleting this dot, resaving my image and importing back into make the cut, all the below problems disappeared! Blade carriage now returns back to usual spot at end of cutting, no more connection issues and no more freezing of the software.

Hope my very frustrating 3 hours of troubleshooting can help someone else at some stage! =)


Hi everyone,

I bought the Zing a few months back now and on the most part am very happy with it.
However, I'm having an issue with it which is quite frustrating and I'm hoping someone here can help!

After the zing finishes cutting a project, the blade carriage just abruptly stops, hard up against the left limit switch / end cap and then refuses to move again. When I click to set the blade origin for the next cutting project, it won't move - although it says its connected. I click to reconnect and still nothing. The only way I can get it work again is by physically switching off the Zing and switching it back on. However then it does it's little 'crazy' dance - and I have to switch it off and on AGAIN before it sometimes resets to normal! The remainder of the time, it will not reconnect at all UNTIL I RESTART MY COMPUTER. Make the cut software is also often freezing as it's trying to reconnect which then forces the program to close. It's very frustrating and I can't imagine the constant off and on button pressing is doing it any good!!!???

Not sure if these things are important to my issue:

* I am cutting projects using the 24" mat with 3x A4 sheets at a time. Although I have created a custom mat that is 25" long x 14" wide, when I press cut, the Zing warns me there are shapes outside the cutting area of the selected mat. I'm not sure why i'm getting this warning as everything *IS* inside the cutting mat!

* I am cutting in wysiwyg Mode.

Hopefully someone can help.... Thanks!
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,769
    The crazy little dance you were seeing when you turned the Zing back on is a test pattern that can be run without any software sending data. The Zing needs to be all of the way to the left side, just as it was when it ran into the left side limit switch.

    Glad you figured out the problem! That does happen from time to time!
    Sandy McCauley
    Cutting with KNK Force, Maxx Air, Zing Orbit, Skycut C and D
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,744
    As an addendum to all of this...if anyone has this issue...do a CTRL+A to select all shapes on the mat, and then look at the bounding box. If you can't see any edge of the bounding box, chances are a shape is outside of the cutting area. If its the left, you will experience the bang, dead stop action. Other experiences will include the Zing trying to go far right, or shooting the mat right out of the cutter. It's a simple test that will either confirm or eliminate this issue as your problem. HTH
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
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