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Verizon Sucks...

waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
edited May 2010 in Off Topic
We've been without phone, internet or television since Saturday noon until about half an hour ago. I didn't want to go with all one company, but they make it SOOO expensive to split it up. If this had happened during the week, I wouldn't have even had my DH's cell phone to call them with. They were supposed to be here between 8 AM and Noon today - showed after 2 PM. And on top of all this (not Verizon's fault, at least I don't think so...) our mail box was taken down (one of those apartment style things) so I've had no regular mail either. When you're basically a hermit like me, this is torture!!!

And why did we choose Verizon over Comcast? Because a couple of years ago, Comcast crapped out twenty minutes into the season finale of Lost. So what happens now, Verizon craps out right before the SERIES finale of Lost... So - NO ONE say a thing about LOST to me... Luckily, I can watch it On Demand now that we're back up and running!!!


  • Shannon_CorbinShannon_Corbin Member Posts: 1,612
    LOL! that happened to me during the finale of ER. Oh I was so mad!
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    not a word, don't even watch the show.LOL

    So sorry you've had crappy luck. If it makes you feel better dishnetwork sucks to.
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  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    What really ticked me off was that when I called them (three times today) they acted as if I was nuts thinking that between 8AM and 12Noon meant they'd be here BEFORE 12:15 which is when I called the first time!!!
  • Shannon_CorbinShannon_Corbin Member Posts: 1,612
    LOL...well apparently they run on a different time zone...maybe they forgot to mention that. ;)
  • KATHYANNKATHYANN Member Posts: 1,428
    I will watch it on HULU... I havent seen it yet either. so glad you are back!
    Kathy - Katiedoodlesgran
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I was just glad we got it back today - the 24 and Law and Order series finales are tonight.

    YES, I know I watch too much television. I tell my husband that it is one of the few things in my life that I can control (I make lists of what's on, what's being taped, etc. and cross them off) So when I can't control it, I get very antsy...
  • KathyMKathyM Member Posts: 1,688
    I hear you...we get so spoiled and in our little "habits" with our technology! A few weeks ago AT&T Uverse had a major outage here. When we switched to them, I told dh I voted to leave our Internet where it was, so that phones, tv, AND Internet wouldn't all go out at the same time unless there was a major emergency - so we went with only putting phones and Internet with AT&T.

    When we lost phones and tv for a day in the recent outage, we were sure glad we made that decision-LOL.
    Is this where I'm supposed to say something clever?
  • Beanie_ID62Beanie_ID62 Member Posts: 3,820
    I was so mad I had to flip from Lost and Army Wives last night.................. I'm still Lost
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  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Well, I'm up to the last half hour of Lost. Will take me a lot longer to catch up with internet stuff. And who knows when my USPS mail will be back...
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