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Anyone in Orange County So. Cal? Looking to try Laser cutting?

Jax69Jax69 Member Posts: 154
I recently was informed of this place that will allow you to use their laser machines. Of course there is a price. They have a membership plan and an hourly plan. I found on Groupon the monthly membership for a discount but they no longer have it, at the moment.

Let me get to the details of the place, it's called Factory eNova and like I said they have 3 laser machines that you can use. They do require you so take the introductory course before you can use the machines but that is for liability purposes and if you have never used a laser machine it is a great course.

Right now they are the only place I know of that does this type of thing. They remind me of the old Kinkos that I used to hang out during my college years. I know everyone here is very crafty and if you have ever wanted to learn about laser cutting without the expense of having to buy one of the machines, this is a great way to do it.

I'm not affiliated with this company other than being a customer. I tried it and really am enjoying myself. Check out their website and decide for yourself if it's something you want to do.

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