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Okay... Now I've seen it all...

SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,869
This paper sculpturing is insane. I can't even fathom how the artist creates this:

Sandy McCauley
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  • kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
    Done with honeycomb paper techniques.

    But you actually have not seen it all......try this one....the ultimate 3D print and cut machine that uses regular office copy paper and an Epson color printer with special ink and then the cut machine that also applies glue. Post processing time needed to weed it.
  • GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 983
    Gina S (MTC Gallery ID: 17449)
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  • kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
    edited February 2014
    SandyMcC said:

    This paper sculpturing is insane. I can't even fathom how the artist creates this

    The first step is to scan the sculpture they want to recreate in paper or they can model a figure in a 3D CAD program that is a good at surface modeling. The next step in creating the 3D model is to slice the figure horizontally into layers the same thickness as sheets of paper. There is a perimeter outline on the outer surface but the inside is a honey comb grid. Each new layer has a change in the honeycomb grid direction to create that familiar look. The layers are joined with glue at the intersections of the honeycomb.

    Next the file is sent to a 3D printer that moves layers of paper into the cutter. After the cut is made a nozzle applies glue at the appropriate locations before the next layer is added. When the whole stack of layers is finished it gets weeded to reveal the sculpture.

    Just think of it as print and cut functions that keep stacking layers of bond paper up and up and up with each layer having a slightly different outline cut than the layer above and below it because that is basically how it is done.

    You could actually build something like this yourself on a much simpler scale with hand applied glue. On your cutting pattern put registration holes in the same locations (corners?) of each of your paper sheets and drop the layers down over pegs in a board below so they all line up perfectly. You will have to leave some tabs along the cut edges to hold it all together then cut the tabs as you weed. You would gently brayer down each layer where the glue is applied as you add it on top of the one below. I would suggest making square holes and and using square pegs as it is more difficult to cut accurate circles on the drag knife machines.

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  • GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 983
    WOW!!! That's some gorgeous stuff.
    Gina S (MTC Gallery ID: 17449)
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,952
    Pretty mind blowing, LOL!!
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  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,380
    Really neat. The Chinese paper sculptor has to dress in a hazmac suit due to the dust, when he shapes the pieces Certainly not for the home crafter. The 3 d paper printer seems less dangerous - just stacking printed slices and glueing them together.
  • supermumsupermum Member Posts: 797
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