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i recently purchased a kit from create and craft, it will make cards with an inner teacup that pops up. i have never tried this before and i am new to crafting, there are no instructions on what neede to go with what to construct it and i can't seem to find a tutorial on it, please can anyone help??


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    Hi @nessy and welcome to the Make the Cut and Pop-up Card Studio. I see this is your first post or so on the forum. I also see that you have posted this in "Help for "Popup Card Studio." Popup Card Studio (PCS) is a newly released software program that allows users to create their own popup cards on their computer and then cut their card out with an electronic die cutting machine (or you can print the card out to PDF file and cut by hand!)

    It appears that you have purchased a kit of a card from "create and craft" to handout your own teacup cards. This would be different. Perhaps someone here will know of what you refer to but I would suggest that you check your packaging for the kit and see if they list a website for the company who made the kit to contact for help in finding instructions. Good luck. Another thing did you google for "create and craft" and "teacup pattern" or something like that?

    I found this website for "create and craft": http://www.createandcraft.tv/homepage.aspx

    and here lists there contact information:
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