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Newbie PCS User Deciding on MTC

Hi all, I have a burning question which I hope someone can guide me. I bought PCS yesterday and WOW this is fun, but I have SCAL. Have had it for years. So my question is, since I've never owned MTC, is there a benefit to using MTC as opposed to exporting to SVG? For my first cut, SCAL cut right through the score lines, even though I went through each one and made sure they were scored. Not worried since I was only playing, but if the project just comes out better using MTC, then I'll get that too! Thanks!


  • markusofmarkusof Member Posts: 458
    MTC, think you get a discount if purchased together or already own MTC

    MTC is sooo much better than SCAL..

    What Machine?
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,404
    @Anjoy2 - what cutter are you using??
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    If you have an MTC-supported cutter, then the greatest advantage of having MTC is the ability to cut directly to your cutter from PCS using the MTC cutter plugins. Another advantage of owning MTC is the option to copy designs directly from MTC and Paste into PCS. MTC also boasts of over 9,500 cutting files in its Gallery that can be copied and pasted into PCS.
  • GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 983

    Not sure if this is the same problem, but not too long ago I started to get issues with my score lines cutting like straight lines. It took me days to figure out that the score line size had changed from the default line size. I have no idea why it changes, but it does for random objects. Once I changed the line size, all was ok. When I say score line size I mean the dashed lines were touching each other and should have more space in between them. I never had a problem with this before, but this is one of the things that is starting to degrade in my Pazzles software.
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  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,139
    I have both scal and mtc and I rarely if ever use scal anymore. MTC is so much easier and faster and the help is better. If your machine has a plug in I would highly recommend MTC.
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  • Anjoy2Anjoy2 Member Posts: 4
    Wow thanks for the advice folks, I know it was a long time ago I asked but Hey I'm back now! LOL I have 3 machines, I have 2 Cricuts and 1 Silhouette Cameo. I mainly use the Cameo since I got it because I love the print and cut feature. After all the great advice, I'm getting MTC cause the ability to paste should make life much easier.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,231
    Welcome back. Just wanted to note so that it is clear to anyone reading that if you get MTC now, it will only work with your Silhouette machine, not the old ones from PC.

    Look forward to seeing both your PCS and MTC projects.
    Go Vols!
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