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Thank you Card Popup with "print and cut"

MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,255
edited January 2014 in Help for Popup Card Studio
I wanted to say "thanks" to @Andy for this new program. I also wanted to say "thanks" to him, @SusanBlueRobot and @juliefes and @SBryanW for all the quick help and information that they are providing to get users up and started with the program including the Webinar last night. I am so glad I was able to attend "live" as it gave me some "key" information to help me start to better understand and work with the program. Finally, I wanted to say thanks to @Jin for showing her cards she had made and giving a little detail on how she was doing it to make a "print and cut" pop-up. It was what I thought, but always good to have "reinforcement" on the thought process before undertaking it yourself!

Anyway - I decided to make a "Thanks Pop-up Card" and post it here as a simple and easy (and much cheaper) way to say thanks to all of them for all they do and are doing to help us learn both MTC and PCS!! I am on different computer from my file at the moment but will post the file later so people can "see" what it looks like in MTC.)

I created the "images" in MTC by Pixel tracing the Trophy, the ribbon and the Robot. Took the basic shadow shape of the robot and trophy over into PCS and created the "popup" card portion along with the word "THANKS" below the Trophy.

Saved that card file as an SVG file and took it back to MTC and put it on the bottom layer and turned it white. Then I "overlaid" the colored images/words on top of the "cutouts" so that they would print out in color when I sent file to the printer. (I had to go back and add the "THANKS" in MTC in order to color it since I didn't think to do that until that point!)

I added the top words "PCS &" and the bottom words "You Rock!" to my flat file as I only wanted them to print not be cut out. I then set my print options to add the print registration marks and sent to my printer. I cut with my Silhouette SD (for couple of reasons - one I like the optical eye doing the work for me, it was there and handy, and I wanted people to see that you can do this with the older Silhouette machine too.) I then simply hid all the print layers and only showed the "cut" layer to do the actual "cutting" of the card.

I am attaching 3 images. One is the card when it was "small" and before I added the print only text - it was my test run. Decided to add the print text and make the card bigger so resized all in MTC and added text and then reprinted and cut. Finally, added the card backing to the final larger card! Thanks to some of the tips and information that i have gleaned from all of these sources, I was able to create exactly what I was visualizing! The Robot is in honor of Susan and all her videos that have helped so much the "Rocks" came from Andy's demo last night! The Trophy and number #1 Ribbon is cause all of you are #1 in my book! ;)

Looking forward to more time to play and learn this program! Thanks again to all of you for all your help!

Go Vols!
Cutting with 18" Silver Bullet and a KNK Force (the rest are collecting dust!)


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