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Having trouble adding text to image [Resolved]

Karen_in_IndianaKaren_in_Indiana Member Posts: 11
edited May 2010 in Resolved Issues
I need help please. I am new to this program and trying to figure out how to get text added to the mat when I already have an image traced onto it. I clicked above the image until a red bar showed and then went to add text, typed my phrase and clicked add. But the type is not going to my mat. What am I doing wrong? I can get type on to the mat just fine when there is no other image on it. ???



  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    Hummmm.. not sure what is happening, I am able to get text to my mat when there is another image on there. Hopefully someone will be on at some point today to help you with this.
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  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
    If the "red bar" that you are referring to is vertical, it is probably the caret--just showing where something would be placed on the mat. Are you trying to add text to the mat directly? If so this is what you need to do. Under the Main Menu, (on the right of the screen) there is an icon that looks like a pencil and a letter. Click on that and a little pop-up window will come up, and you add text into that box and then click on "add". You can then do a "split" (all the letters will be in one box) and click away from the letters and move each individual letter around on the mat. Hope this helps.
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  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    for some reason your cursor must still be off the mat.

    Based on the fact you said you typed your text and then clicked add I'm guessing you know how to add the text. Try reducing the zoom of your mat and your text is probably off the mat somewhere. Why it's putting it there if you have the cursor in the box I don't know.
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  • Karen_in_IndianaKaren_in_Indiana Member Posts: 11
    Thanks all. I figured it out. The first 20 or so fonts that show up on my font list begin with an @ sign. I went down past those and chose a font and it worked just fine now. I don't know where those @ signs came from. ??

    Thanks again!
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