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Make The Cut! Version 4.6.1

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited March 2013 in MTC Updates
Hey All!

We have been on a roll here with the updates... Every time we do a live Webinar (on Tuesday nights), people chime in with ideas that we just can't pass up adding. So here is a new update.

Version 4.6.0

ROBO Master™ GSD Project Import: Well, @juliefes sent me 1,924 (not exaggerating) GSD files and said "Give it a shot". I was feeling pretty good since I just figured out the "WPC" file format; So back in to my Hex Editor I went:
After hours of research I learned that the GSD format is based loosely on the DXF format... meaning the GSD format doesn't store data as most other programs do (i.e. using Bezier Curves, for example). So, importing was quite the challenge. Because of this, we had to add an option to Fuse-N-Weld on import... You will probably want this option "on" any time you import a GSD file. MTC will fix broken lines, separate things in to layers based on groups, join things together based on line colors among other things. All this heavy lifting to bring your old GSD files in to the 21st century so you can save them to a proper format.
This feature is about 99% implemented... it may screw up an Arc here or there, but, it's easily fixed with MTC's node-mode tools. Because of the intensive work MTC has to do rendering these files, we can not implement a "file preview" on the left of the file dialog like we usually do... We may re-work it to give you a loose rendering of said file in the near future.

Gray Scale "Color Scan" Trace Option: MTC's awesome Pixel Trace has become even better. We noticed a lot of people want to cut out "real" pictures of people or things. This usually involves taking the raster image into an editor and performing some rudimentary operations (such as gray-scaling) before tracing it. What we did was implement a pretty decent routine to automate that process and then allow you to trace it by finding the most important grey values in the image -- then bring it in all at once:
This feature works great with "Stack Scans" option, and make sure to set your DeSpeck option a little higher than normal. Just like with normal "Color Scans", you get to pick how many gray values you want to scan for. The above image was set to just 3.

"Time Left" in Progress Dialog: We know you have things to do, so if MTC is going to take a while doing some heavy lifting, it will let you know how long it's going to take so you can do something else:

Nodes and Handles More Visible: Somebody asked to make node-mode's handles/nodes more visible on darker subjects, so we implemented XOR-pens/brushes. What this means is that no matter where your node handles are, they will be visible:

Rotated Duplication: Now you can rotate-duplicate a path by selecting it, going to Edit>>Duplicate>>Rotated Duplication:
We will go over how exactly how to use this on Tuesday night's Webinar... so be sure to stop on by.

Nested Duplication: Otherwise known as "Nesties" -- You can duplicated inset or outset. You can also set the colors and texutre hues. It's pretty fun to play with!
If the path has a texture, you may choose to increase/decrease the hue by a certain degree each iteration:
Here is an example of an inset Nested Duplication (all you do is use a negative gap):
Here is a pretty detailed image.. but I just wanted to show you how precise the output is. Click on the image to view the image in more detail (724KB):
We will go over this feature in detail on Tuesday night's live webinar. So make sure you show up!

Other bug fixes and improvements: We fixed a slew of minor bugs and other things -- We are always trying to make things faster and better.

Version 4.6.1

We have fixed a lot of bugs and added a couple more features in 4.6.1.

Resample Metafiles in GSD projects: After 4.6.0 was released, we found a bunch of GSD files from Graphtec that had metafiles inside of them for Print and Cut. These metafiles were rendering at 100 DPI, which doesn't look great when printed with a 600 DPI printer. Since Metafiles are just vector files, we now resample metafiles for you. There is a new option in the GSD import dialog to specify what to resample metafiles to. Default is 300 DPI.

Nested Duplicate by Scale: You can now do Nested Duplicates by scaling the original path. You get much different results... so be sure to play with both options.

Nested Duplicates in IN, MM and CM: There is now an option to set gap to to inches, millimeters or centimeters.

Portrait/Landscape Mat Orientation with Textures: You can now switch between portrait and landscape modes while preserving the textures orientation as well.

Shift+Shape Properties Change: If you hold your shift key as you hit Enter, textures will not scale (similar to if you scale a shape with handles, holding Shift will cause the texture to not scale.)

Bug Fixes:
GSD fixes: Ellipses now show up properly, empty shapes automatically removed, mat will be in correct orientation in older GSD files, Metafiles with different horizontal/vertical resolutions will now display properly in MTC.
Texture Snapshot: Bug fixed that would cause the generated texture to offset incorrectly.
Inset Duplication Textures: When using a negative gap in Nested Duplications with textures: textures will now offset correctly.

Thanks everyone! And enjoy!

"Pro" Versions? Dongles? Monthly Subscription Fees? Ha! No thanks. As always: This update is 100% free to anyone who has previously registered.

Don't update if you still cut to the Cricut from an older version of MTC.

Download link to version 4.6.1 is on MTC's home page: Click here.

The Make The Cut! Team.
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