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Thermoflex Brand Heat Transfer Vinyl Buy - Corrected Link added

Chinook203Chinook203 Member Posts: 254
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We do have a thermoflex heat transfer vinyl buy going on in the Crazy Craft Buys facebook page.
Order form is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jomw5K39J-FTtz7qnpJcv3mTa4PFPODtKYdP8fiIQl4/viewform

Prices are on the form above, but the plus is 12 by 15 and we have it at 2.18 per foot. I know I saw where several of you had tried it, but had to pay $4 and over per foot.

We are closing it around March 8 to March 15. Just trying to get 15 yard rolls of each selection. We even seperated the black and white for those that need a lot of that. We do have a lot of information and pictures in the facebook group.
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