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Oracal 631 CLOSED

JaimeEJaimeE Member Posts: 133
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Spreadsheet to see where we are at:

UPDATE Feb 15: Wow, the 631 has barely made it! It will remain open with the glitters. I will close this buy Monday, Feb 18 at 1pm CST. Please check the spreadsheet and make any changes prior to 1pm Monday. You can either enter another line through the form or message me with the changes. :) I will invoice sometime Tuesday morning.

UPDATE Feb 14: I will be officially closing the 631 buy tomorrow at 11am CST. We need to get to at least 24 of each package for it to be a go, I'll take the rest and put it in my Etsy shop. Otherwise I'll have to cancel it. The glitters, reflective, etched, and chrome will remain open until Monday at 11am CST. This will allow everyone time to change orders around since the 631 is looking pretty bleak. Once I know orders are set I'll begin invoicing late Monday and Tuesday.

Both the etched-look and chrome are outdoor vinyls, etched is $2.75 per 12x24 sheet (15-27 sheets), chrome is $1.80/sheet (15-29 sheets).

If for some reason a color package doesn't get 58 participants I may have to cut it off at 29 based on the timestamp depending on how close we are to 58.

The available number of glitters have been set in the spreadsheet to 15, that's the minimum to get the price for that color. Ignore negative numbers in the "remaining" row, they just mean we've met the minimum.

The Oracal 631, glitter, and white/silver reflective buy details are set. Two color packages will be offered, one earthy and home dec colors, the other more vibrant and primary colors. 5 feet of 16 different colors for $42, both packages for $80. Glitters will be $2 for a 12x24 sheet, price will go down if 30 of a color are ordered. Reflective is a bit more, $4.50 for a 12x24 sheet. I will post the order form and spreadsheet links Monday morning around 7:30am CST.

The package prices include shipping within the US, sheet prices do not. No additional shipping with a package, estimate around $8 for 4 sheets or more. International shipping prices have been raised significantly, shipping one color package to Canada will be an additional $25, Ireland an additional $35, Australia an additional $43.

This buy is also posted at the Crazy Craft Buys facebook page, feel free to join the group:

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