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OT Prayers for the ones that live and work on the gulf coast from the oil

lindaj36523lindaj36523 Member Posts: 210
edited April 2010 in Off Topic
please keeps us in your prayers for us that live and work on the gulf coast.we live next to and work in bayou la batreAlababam.my husband is a fisherman and oysterman and insulator...when he is not insulating which is only a couple of months per year then he is fising or oystering...and with this oil slick we are in trouble...I know there is more ....if you are please let us know so we can keep you in our prayers...this is going to be devasting to all of us...we get one problem solved and then there is another..the good Lord wants us to weather the storm...and I am hanging on to each wave...with all of his love..
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  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    You all, anyone that has or might be affected by this are in my prayers. <3 Bless you all!
  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    Hugs to you and your family... you don't need any more stress right now...praying for you all.
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  • KathyMKathyM Member Posts: 1,688
    Prayers for everyone down there - it's such a big issue - and can have such overwhelming repercussions.
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  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    many prayers!!!!!!!
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  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    Prayers being sent for you and all affected by this.
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  • AibonitoAibonito Member Posts: 94
    Dear Linda,

    I know that you are physically and emotionally drained with everything. You are at the front line of this oil battle which will eventually work down to many businesses and people. You know more than most of the news broadcasts we can get. If you find the energy I would really like to hear your thoughts and observations on the progress on this awful mess.

    Loving thoughts sent your way--
  • AibonitoAibonito Member Posts: 94
    Just saw pictures of what is happening in Linda's town--was on CNN. The situation is so far beyond bad that I really wouldn't know what to say. They showed the processing plants that will close today. One manager was asked for how long. Answer was i year, 5 years, a decade?

  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    I know you are going through a lot - I am definitely keeping you in my prayers on this as well!!!!!!
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    Yes that oil does look bad and the damage and after effect are going to effect alot for a while , Our prayers for those who are effected by this now and those who will be affected in the future
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  • lindaj36523lindaj36523 Member Posts: 210
    Thanks everyone for the prayers this is going to having a huge trickle down effect that is going to everyones lives in one way or the other... from texas to florida...and I just heard that in couple of the days the winds will shift back to north for us and the current could even carry it around and up the east coast...evryone should have their ears wide open on this one...again thank you ...please if anyone else lives along the coast please let us know ..talk to us texas la miss fla ala again thank you for the prayers...

    they did stop the boats from going out from here today...we had a meeting ...didn't learn much..they are still trying to get things organized...
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