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Vinyl Buy - #2 buy with different colors.

Chinook203Chinook203 Member Posts: 254
We are not doing this list, just buy! LOL

We do have the next round of vinyl up. Jaime did the first buy and she will be wore out cutting 3000 yards of vinyl. I am taking on the next one. We set it up on the website, first come first fill. We will do a round of 29, then if there is still plenty of interest, will do a 2nd round for 29.
You can visit www.northstarcraftsupply.com/vinylbuy.html to place your order.
You are welcome to join the chaos in the Facebook group for more buys to come.

I do have glow in the dark and red reflective as well, but need to sell 29 set of those as well to get that pricing.
15 colors of Oracal 651. You get 12 inch wide by 5 feet.

Its 15 colors, 5 feet of each (75 feet) $42.00 as one color is copper metallic - gorgeous.

Then there is a section to purchase 12 by 24 inch glow in the dark- $8.50

Red Reflective Vinyl 12 by 24 inch sections $4.50

We need to reach 29 buyers for the pricing on the glow in the dark and red reflective. You do not have to buy the glow in the dark and the reflective, if you do, it will be included with the 15 rolls, so no additional shipping. If you decide to buy them and not the 15 colors, you will be billed shipping when they arrive and I get ready to ship. You can order more than one of any of them, just change the quantity in the cart. I will post on here how many buyers we have throughout the days. I am giving this 1 week to reach 29 buyers or 2 rounds of 29. Visit the website: www.northstarcraftsupply.com/vinylbuy.html

1. Black
2. White
3. Middle Grey
4. Light Grey
5. Lilac
6. Cream
7. Beige
8. Ice Blue
9. Grass Green
10. Light Orange
11. Turquoise Blue (this is a different shade from the last buy)
12. Brimstone Yellow
13. Pastel Orange
14. Orange Red
15. Copper Metallic

6 sales have already happened. 23 left. We are not taking names, first come first get in.
The website can do paypal or credit card. I will not charge your credit card until the 29 spots are done.
If you buy the glow and the reflective, and we don't meet 29 of those sold, you will be refunded those amounts or I can let you know where we are at on price and you will have the option to opt out or be refunded.



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