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Update 1/29 - The rest of the vinyl has arrived! 20 50yd rolls to cut.....anyone in the Orange, TX area with a little free time? ;)

Update 1/25 - First 10 rolls of Oracal 651 have arrived! Not as physically big as I thought, the rolls are about 5.5" in diameter. :) The rest of the vinyl will be here Tuesday, I hope to have everything done within a few weeks if not quicker.

Update 1/23 - All vinyl is ordered, I'm expecting the first 5 colors Friday. Still missing 5 payments, please let me know if you did not receive an invoice and you're on the list below.

I did not expect the huge response from the Facebook group I mentioned this buy on! They filled it very quickly, and could possibly help fill a second at the price break. I opened this here and want MTC'rs to have a shot, so I'm separating this into two groups.

I've had questions about shipping to Canada. Yes, this is also available to you for an additional $10 to cover the difference in shipping. The vinyl will be sent in two first class int'l packages as the total weight is way too close to the upper limit before going into expensive priority class.

Australia is in the same boat as Canada (well, not literally....), will be $24 additional for shipping in two first class int'l packages. :)

Since I'm in need of vinyl I'm going to go ahead and open this up.

I'm ordering Oracal 651, outdoor vinyl in the following 15 colors:
matte black
brilliant blue
soft pink
lime tree green
light blue

You will receive 12" by 5 feet of each color. Price is $50 for 14 people, will drop to $40 if we get 29 people, includes priority shipping to you. I'll get this ordered as soon as we fill and most payments are in.

Being new here I understand if some are hesitant to join in on the buy. Here's my Ebay and Etsy feedback links to reassure you:


Please leave your Paypal e-mail address if you would like to join in. If you'd rather join if the price break is met (29 people) note that also as I'll keep two lists going. Feel free to take two spots also to help fill. :)

I'll send out Paypal invoices when we get close to filling up the spots, 14 unless there seems to be enough interest to keep it open for the price break.


Participant list:
1. thisnthat, [email protected]
2. kerli216, [email protected]
3. falcnslady, [email protected]
4. allandra42, [email protected]
5. jenrpsetc, [email protected]
6. lizalooks, [email protected]
7. ScrappyDIVA, [email protected], Canada
8. pennysem, [email protected]
9. connieh1968, [email protected]
10. DarleneI, [email protected]
11. Suzyscrafts, [email protected]
12. kruzluver, [email protected]
13. PPD, [email protected]
14. tennisguru, [email protected]
15. theking7, [email protected] Ireland
16. angeli08
17. Sandy Hendle, Australia
18. Beccabrew, [email protected]
19. mama nay, [email protected]
20. dbernard, [email protected]
21. colbyscraftymom, [email protected]
22. iMikla e-mail in inbox
23. jenw, [email protected]
24. aufrog, [email protected]
25. 4children, [email protected]
26. Rosie0530, [email protected]
27. SherryA, e-mail in inbox
28. hwrjbratcher, [email protected]
29. allandra42, [email protected]

CCB Facebook Group
1. Briana Brandon
2. Cindy Carpenter Barnett
3. Kayla Rochester
4. Jennifer Hawley
5. Laura Riley Hofmann
6. Ashley Harrison
7. Francesca Clinton Flit
8. Heather Younger
9. Catie Hartman
10. Kristy Bales Ripperger
11. Kerry Guiliano
12. Cassie Fiore
13. Chau Le
14. Leah Cook
15. Laura Warrington-Pierce
16. Joy Clapsadle
17. Joan Cook
18. Kathy Dittemore
19. Connie Beymer Clinton
20. Wanda Jones
21. Robin Allbaugh Dickey
22. Jennifer Booker
23. Danielle L. Paulson
24. Jori Showalter
25. Faye Fain Hanner
26. Bernetha Washington
27. Sheryl Graul
28. Deanna Burns
29. Clover Irving-Edison

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