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I need adhesive advice...........(OT)

pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,517
edited April 2010 in Off Topic
Hey everyone, I FINALLY got paulo's baroque label to cut for me....I never was able to get it cut on the expression - but I tried at a time when MTC did not have layers.....so it isn't really a fair comparison, but I got this wonderful file to cut on my pink lady..you can see this file at paulo's blog at: http://scale-files.blogspot.com/2009/10/baroque-label.html

Anyways, I really, really need adhesive advice. As you can see from this file, it is very delicate with open spaces (which is really part of the design) and as much as I love my xyron, the adhesive gets filled in the space and it's a big pain, and not nice looking after trying to get it out...

So when you have something like that, what do you guys do for adhesive.............
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  • peoriagrammypeoriagrammy Member Posts: 598
    I would think that the zig pen with the "ballpoint" tip that you push down on would work. I've used it for intricate work before and it worked great. HTH
  • susan_ID2293susan_ID2293 Member Posts: 2,919
    I have been using a couple of items for the intricate cuts. One is the Xyron runner (Cheetah?) - it comes in either a 2" wide or 4" wide version. You roll it over the back of the intricate - lace parts and it leaves tiny microdots on just the cutouts. The applicators are about $12 to $15, and the refills about $10 - but you can use coupons at AC Moore and Michael's.
    The other is sheets of adhesive microdots from Thermoweb called sticky dots. It comes 9 sheets (8.5 x 11) to a package for 5.99.
    I think the Xyron is a little easier and less messy.
  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    I use some stuff called Dry Bond, that is similar to the sticky dots. You just put your item on the page, cover it with the cover page, then burnish the design, and the dots stick to the paper, you can then place it where you want, and it's repositionable. I made some layered snowflakes and put them on the back of my front door 2 years ago, and not one of them fell of during that time, and they were still easy to remove when I wanted to. Used the Dry Bond to do the layers and to put them on the door. I love the stuff.
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  • Amy_ChomasAmy_Chomas Member Posts: 1,301
    I would get a nice spray adhesive if I were you! That is what I do with those intricate cuts!
  • LaurindaLaurinda Member Posts: 85
    I use Tombo's liquid glue. It has a broad tip and a small one for tiny spots. I rarely use the broad tip, but I use the heck out of the little one. It dries clear and cleans up nicely from the edges if there is any "leakage".
  • rose481rose481 Member Posts: 242
    I second angel's suggestion of Dry Bond. It is repositionable and is so easy to use. For any little bits of adhesive that I want to remove I use the "QuickStik" made by Quickutz. It has a putty like substance on one end that is really meant to pick up small cuts, but it works great to pick up teeny bits of adhesive as well. Sells for $7 at most craft/scrapbook stores.
  • GaTechGalGaTechGal Member Posts: 898
    I'd go with Dry bond as well. I've used it for really tiny things and it works great.
  • cmclisacmclisa Member Posts: 45
    I love Creative Memories' Precision Point Adhesive pen - it is very easy to use - I also use the Pick up square to "erase" any dried glue that is left over. There is a nice post here http://creativecricutmemories.blogspot.com/ about CM tools & the Cricut.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    I bought some zip dry yesterday. Can't wait to try it.
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  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,517
    Thanks everyone, I searched for the dry bond, and it is not cheap. $21-$25 depending on where you see it. Anyone knows if michael's or Ac moore carries this stuff in the stores? Because if so, with a coupon price is not that bad then. With a coupon, I can get xyron adhesive for the 900 machine for less than that (the price of the dry bond).

    I do have some spray repositionable adhesive on hand, so I will try that per Amy's advice - except I hate dealing with the mess it makes. Would spraying on top of plastic wrap help keep the mess to a minimum? Amy what do you do, do you attach the piece while wet, or let dry a bit for more repositionability? And I heard so much about the zig pens, I guess I must try some..............Christy - what is zip dry?

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  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    joannes craft had it on line for 6.99
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  • LareiaLareia Member Posts: 86
    I would spray it in a box....that stuff gets everywhere.
  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,517
    lareia - great idea! spraying inside a shoebox just never occurred to me! Love it!!

    Rachellann - when you get up later (and I know you stayed up all night probably!) if you can provide a link to the $6.99 price on the drybond..........would be so appreciated, I could not find that price at joanne's online..............
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  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,517
    Christy -

    I was in michael's, as I had to pick up a couple of things, and I saw the zip dry, and had to try it (along with the zig pen). That zip dry stuff is unbelieveable! It goes on in a such fine line, dries really fast, and does not wrinkle! I thought I would drop a line on that before I quit for the night...........
    Cuts with Gazelle, PNC with silhouette.
  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    Zig pen! Want to try Zip Dry tho!
  • Amy_ChomasAmy_Chomas Member Posts: 1,301
    I do spray in a box, and the key is to spray light, you don't need a ton of that stuff, that is where the mess comes in! Good luck!
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