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They are kidding right????

Beanie_ID62Beanie_ID62 Member Posts: 3,820
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Cricut - The Official Page! An update on the Provo Craft Angel Policy
Cricut® news
Cricut personal cutting machines by Provo Craft let you express your creativity how and where you want. Cricut is the leading personal cutter thanks to its ease of use, computer-free operation and world-class artwork.28 minutes ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Share
9 people like this..Candace Pelfrey Thank you! I ♥ cricut!
25 minutes ago.
Carolanne Jones Lewis THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I love the fact that PC took into consideration the reg machines nad the cake machine and combined them!! Thanks so much!!
24 minutes ago
.Michelle McCrone For example, if I were to sell a shirt that had an applique on it that was cut using the Cricut, it's now ok, as long as I don't make more then 10,000 a year?
18 minutes ago.
Rebecca Daoust Caron OMG, so happy!
16 minutes ago.
Tamara Schroeder YAY! Thanks for laying it all out!
14 minutes ago.
Julie Delaurier Bunning It's as long as you don't make more than 10,000 completed projects so if you made 10,000 cards and sold them at 5.00 each you could make 50,000 dollars. It's the number of projects not the $'s you charge!!!
7 minutes ago.
Mari N Angel Goitia Thks for the update! Check out challenge over @ Madebymomo.blogspot.com its Critter Fever over there.The challenge is to make a card with some kind of animal on it. It can be a cricut cut or stamp.Thks PC ♥
6 minutes ago.
Sheryl Mason Turgeon but you can not enforce and angel policy any way so it is a mute point! call the copyright office in Washington DC and ask for your self
a few seconds ago ·
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  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    OMG!!!!!! Hysterical!!!!!
    People thanking PC for their "generosity" that is not even legal.... oh my!!!!
    Thanks Beanie!!
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    Pulling wool over some eyes still I guess........
    K_lee's Krafting Niche'
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    edited April 2010
    bless some of those poor people's hearts despite how many times we TOLD them they weren't limited to an angel policy apparently they didn't believe us. I can't believe that many people were actually obeying that old policy without even asking their attorney. Seriously, that was the first thing I did when I heard about their angel policy (which wasn't until AFTER they sued MTC).
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Beanie_ID62Beanie_ID62 Member Posts: 3,820
    It makes me laugh a lot LOL
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  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    SweetSassyDiva -> Updated ANGEL Policy! Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 11:48:45 AM)

    Did you make your 28 for the day?

    SweetSassyDiva -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 11:58:41 AM)

    wow I just cannot see doing that many in one day. can you? How many have you done in a day?


    EnableMe -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:00:26 PM)

    Not a chance I'll ever exceed that number!


    utebandmom -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:08:57 PM)

    28 what!!!!

    Scrapdawn -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:12:32 PM)

    lol I'm lost too!

    8675309 -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:18:57 PM)


    ORIGINAL: utebandmom

    28 what!!!!

    I'm guessing it's about the new angel policy update - allowing paper crafters to sell up to 10,000 projects (using cricut cuts) per year.


    ♥CC -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:20:10 PM)

    Go read the link. The Angel Policy changed.

    Scrapdawn -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:21:05 PM)

    already did.

    SweetSassyDiva -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:26:32 PM)

    oops! dbl post

    SweetSassyDiva -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:27:17 PM)

    An average of 28 per day according to the new Angel Policy!

    Octoberbeauty -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:28:29 PM)

    Woohoo! I think I can handle that. [;)]

    Jen -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:31:46 PM)

    I don't sell but it is a very generious policy. Plan and straight forward.

    KayMc -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:40:38 PM)

    It seems they did this in response to the numerous postings stating that the angel policy was totally null and void and carried no legal weight. Rather than lose face and admit to that, this was possibly the result? I agree they couldn't come out and admit that it was always un-enforceable (is that a word?), so this was a smart response.

    Kut-n-Print -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:42:48 PM)

    I see the news page, but where is the new angel policy itself? Still see the old one up under rules.

    SharonL. -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 12:46:18 PM)

    This is the link to the new policy.

    My question is... Are we still not allowed to sell licensed cuts?? (disney)


    marti{pezadoodle} -> RE: Did you see the news?! (4/26/2010 1:03:49 PM)

    wow this is good news for alot of folks! it WAS kind of weird to have 2 separate ones anyway! this is very generous and should satisfy everyone!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    4/24/2010 - New Update about Provo Craft's Angel Policy

    New Update about Provo Craft’s Angel Policy
    April 23rd, 2010
    We've gotten some great feedback on the Angel Policy revision we made last week as it pertains to Cake. It's such great feedback, in fact, that we’d like to do something similar for paper crafters and mixed media artists. Moving forward, we're going to combine cake and other mediums so there's just one Angel Policy for everyone. And at the same time, we’d like to provide a bit more clarity to that policy. This will be the official policy going forward, and while there could be additional adjustments or clarifications from time to time, we don’t anticipate any significant changes in the near future.

    This new Angel Policy still does not authorize you to produce and sell individual, unassembled cuts using Cricut products (i.e., mass producing individually-cut letters or shapes to re-sell). It does, however, authorize you to sell up to 10,000 completed projects annually (i.e., cards, scrapbook pages, finished cakes), using cuts made with Cricut products. This revision offers the most flexibility possible to those who wish to create and sell projects made using any of the Provo Craft products, while also protecting the creative ideas and images of the independent artists with whom we work to produce art for our cartridges.

    We’ve tried to make this new policy as simple and clear as possible. We hope you’ll be really happy with what it allows you to do. But if there’s any part of this policy that you’re still unclear or unhappy about, please call our customer service department at 1-800-937-7686 and we’ll answer your questions. We also recognize that limiting the sale of completed projects to 10,000 differs from what we shared last week specifically with respect to the use of Cricut Cake. So if you bought Cricut Cake this week and find this revision no longer meets your needs, you can contact Customer Service by April 30, 2010 for a refund.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    someone link me to the dang thread. My eyes are going cross trying to read everything the one it's being posted.LMBO
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    edited April 2010
    Stirring the pot - sorry... to be fair thought I should include new updated responses to her question about selling carts:
    My wonderful dad bought me my Cricut machine for Christmas last year and I love it!! I have since bought myself a Gypsy and I have loaded all of my cartridges onto it. I use my Gypsy all of the time and I am now wondering if I should sell my cartridges to fund buying more? I am tempted to keep them just in case. What has everyone else done? Should I keep or should I sell?
    This I my first post, sorry if I have rambled on a bit!
    Have Fun:-)

    Post #: 1
    RE: Selling Cartridges - 4/26/2010 1:17:38 PM
    Posts: 528
    Joined: 1/15/2009
    From: Idaho
    Status: online If you have them linked to your Gyspy I don't believe you can sell them. ALSO, if something should happen to your Gyspy and you get a replacement you will need to relink your cartridges.

    (in reply to FionaJeanHayes)
    Post #: 2 RE: Selling Cartridges - 4/26/2010 1:19:27 PM


    Posts: 299
    Joined: 12/27/2009
    From: Upstate NY
    Status: online Hi Fiona,
    Welcome to the board! I am not an owner of the G, BUT others will correct me if I am wrong I dont think you can sell your cartridges now that they are linked. I have seen some on ebay very clearly posted they are linked but others have said what happens if something happens to your G?(it breaks) You no longer have your carts..Just something to think about. You will get other responses I'm sure and ultimatley it is your choice. Good Luck and will find the board very informative..
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    oh look, a way to back up your cartridges. Damn, thought that was illegal
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    Here Christy..............
    K_lee's Krafting Niche'
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    Thanks Klee - when I went back I couldn't find it again!
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    YW, there is actually two going, lol....
    K_lee's Krafting Niche'
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    Thanks Klee
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AlyssaLeanneAlyssaLeanne Member Posts: 727
    Ok so this is probably of little importance, but its really like 27 per day... if you do 28 per day you'll end up selling 220 more cuts than you were allowed and PC will come get you!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    alyssaleanne!! LMAO right now!! I think at PC EVERYTHING 'of little importnce' can matter - best to save anyone you can from the PC police!! LOL!! You should go to the CMB and inform them to go with 27 a day to save themselves some potential future trouble! LOL!!
  • KimATCKimATC Member Posts: 785
    Beanie - the blindness of them makes me laugh a lot too!! HAHAHAHA!!!!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    You should all go back to the thread - there are two more pages of comments and one made by MArajade was just perfect... With all due respect. I can't believe you all are impressed with this.
    Provo craft has NO LEGAL RIGHT to impose any restrictions on how much you can cut or sell with YOUR machine. Unless you signed something when you purchased the machine and EACH cartridge, there is nothing binding you to this "policy." Please research this. NO ONE HAS BEEN SUED over this!!! NO ONE.
    If you never went to this site as a Cricut owner you would have no idea because it is not on ANY packaging that came with your machine or your cartridges.
    Ok I'm off my soap box now.

    Response from Cupcake Maggie: Marajade, I agree with what you're saying. The only reason I am posting a comment about this is that I am happy to see PC has rethought it's original posting of an "Angel Policy". I can't see the "average" user selling more than 10000 cuts per year. And if they do, I don't see PC having the time or resources to track this. I see it as peace offering from PC to satisfy their many unhappy customers.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    Peace offering -RIGHT- Can you say "Blowing Smoke"
    Who's sorry now?...Hell hath no fury as a crafter scorned!!! http://sitstayscrap.blogspot.com/
  • Shannon_CorbinShannon_Corbin Member Posts: 1,612
    WOW! They really think pretty highly of themselves. I think it would earn them a smidgeon of respect if they admitted their "angel policy" was just a bully tactic.
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    I agree Shannon - some others said we know it isn't legally binding but we like to follow PC policies.... Sorry to see such talented people just going where directed.... no independent thought or dealing with facts...
  • lamblamb Member Posts: 302
    all i can say is


    sheep all following blindly along behind the rest
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    You know what - IMHO they answered the need for a new Angel Policy for those that were concerned about it, did it in a way that gives 10k projects for a year, and for them did it in a timely manner. They saved face. You have to pick your battles, to me there are much more important things, like MTC lawsuit. Let's dwell on a new battle or continue on the one this site already has. Please no flameing, but seems to me this is now taken care of for those that wanted an answer and for those who didn't feel it was legal, it is also done with. Carry on, be happy.

  • KimATCKimATC Member Posts: 785
    goCricutgo -

    No yelling or "flaming" here! And I agree - this was their attempt at saving face, so, whatever. I get a chuckle out of it, really.
  • LareiaLareia Member Posts: 86
    I'm MJ...I went to the site to see if anyone else posted anything after I did and they deleted two pages where my first comment was made.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    edited April 2010
    we don't yell and flame here we simply state our opinion. As you have stated yours I will state mine.

    Yes they did what they needed to in order to save face, however they still didn't admit they were wrong. To you that may not matter however to me I prefer honesty in a company and trying to trick people into believing that their policy was legit to begin with is NOT honesty in my book.

    What is it that you would like for us to dwell on regarding the MTC lawsuit? The fact that Andy did NOTHING wrong? The fact that it is happening BECAUSE OF PC and their inability to accept the fact that someone did something they obviously weren't interested in or capable of doing? The fact that once again PC is trying to CONTROL what we bought with OUR money? They are ticked and trying to get revenge by suing the little man? This country was BUILT by the little guy and NO it is NOT okay with me when some big shot corporation comes in and tries to put them down because they are jealous or tries to TRICK people into thinking they can tell you what you can and can't do with something we paid for? NO, It just doesn't fly with me!!!!! Like I said if that's okay with you then fine, but it's not okay with me. When I owe someone an apology I will give it to them and I expect the same out of PC.

    Please do not take my post as being rude I am just SICK of PC trying to make themselves come out looking like roses and then people just sit back and "well it's okay" Yay look what they did for us. Well I may be blonde but I"m not stupid. They didn't do anything for me that I didn't already have the right to do. The only thing they accomplished by doing this is showing me once again they are not willing to be honest and upfront with their customers. Call it saving face, call it business, call it whatever you may but honesty is honesty and at this point I don't believe PC has a drop of honesty in them.

    Again, you stated your opinion and I stated mine!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!!
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    I think it's stupid. Personally it's really stupid. An angel policy has no legal standing. I'm a member at the Cricut board but never post there because I can no longer support PC and the way it has handled itself. Matter of fact, I have been musing over selling my Cricut Original just because I don't use it enough and it's just not worth to me anymore. I've looked at the Gazelle but it's too expensive for me right now. I hate not to have anything to use MTC with, but sometimes I just wonder if I wouldn't be happier going back to no die cutting machine except my Cuttlebug and leaving well enough alone. I never really got caught up in the Cricut craze. Just purchased it on Thanksgiving Day in 2009 so it really took me a long time. Still trying to convince myself to keep it.
    But PC makes me laugh with the fact that they deign to give people the right to do 10000 projects in one year. I have one answer for them and it ain't nice!
    I always feel like somebody's watching me. Is it YOU?
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967

    that is my point exactly. WHAT is so HARD for them that they can't answer people, and do so honestly? Instead it's just hit the delete key. Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if everytime we didn't want to deal with our problems we just hit the delete key?
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    Well that might work for me sometimes. I could delete some of the people that I work with that are annoying me today. :) LOL! See it would work like this: Michele, you need to do this and this.....What? I can't hear you. I just deleted you right out of my office. Buh Bye-----roflmao!
    I always feel like somebody's watching me. Is it YOU?
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    lmbo thanks for the laugh. I needed that.
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    edited April 2010
    I agree, why can't they just be HONEST in the first place, and could of saved face by being HONEST and upfront with right from the start......
    Post edited by K_lee on
    K_lee's Krafting Niche'
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    I am not always happy with the decisions of PC and how they have not taken care of many of the
    Gypsy and DS problems, etc. But for myself I love my E and cartridges, I bought that system after much comparison shopping and realized that I am not a computer person, so my best way were the carts. I bought in 2006 and have worked myself into DS and do ok, than along came SCAL which tempted me, but still I wondered if I could handle that, and just as I finally said yes, I'm going to do, along came MTC which I bought after the first of the year. I haven't learned it yet, but I putz around with it, check into the message board here, and I'm doing okay.

    There are so many things to upset us, and roadblocks put in our way, like for me, it is losing my oldest son to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. But we go on somehow, maybe become better people, at least stronger. I didn't ask anyone to dwell on what we can do for MTC. I myself am trying to keep positive thoughts and if or when it has to go to trial ( which I pray it doesn't) I will have to trust in our jury system, for that is all I can do.

    The wonderful part about not liking a product or company is that we have so many choices and can buy what we want and deal with who we want. So I will continue to use my E and carts, and keep working on learning MTC and others can choose to use whatever they want and works for them. I love America and all the choices it has given me all these years - by the way I am not always happy with the running of this great nation either. LOL

    So happy crafting to everyone which ever machine you use - even if it's just sissors.

  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    oh my let's not get into politics. That might get ugly.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    You got that right!!!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    Love the fact that on this board we CAN have different views AND RESPECT that others may have different views and be open, honset, and try to be tactful with our thoughts and opinions. Proud of Christy and Donna- nice to have "grown-ups" on the board here and to know that we are passionate and courteous too! Makes me warm and fuzzy inside! We don't delete you or flame you here... we honor the differences. Just so very cool!
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83

    What a nice, thoughtful message. Thank you.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    yes thank you.

    (sorry I read this earlier and thought I had responded but I guess not.lol)

    Hugs everyone!!!!!!
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    HUGS Back at ya ladies!!
  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    I added my 2 cents to this post over there.... not sure how long it will stay there.

    Diane in Colorado Springs Proud Owner of a Silver Bullet Professional Series 24 inch cutter rated #1 by Top Ten Reivews http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://www.mycraftythoughts.blogspot.com/
  • KayMcKayMc Member Posts: 7
    Isn't this the silliest post ever - the one on PC's site, not here. I added my two cents over there, but the vast majority of the people posting were genuflecting at the feet of PC, and slobbering their thanks. Just ridiculous.....
  • GaTechGalGaTechGal Member Posts: 898
    goCricutgo, I appreciate your stance, and sometimes I just want to ignore the drama. But when you say, "The wonderful part about not liking a product or company is that we have so many choices and can buy what we want and deal with who we want. " there in lies the problem. If PC had their way we WOULDN'T have a choice. They are trying to stop Andy with this lawsuit. He has not been able to release any upgrades since this mess started. So they are limiting my choices.

    Now if his software only worked with the Cricut, then we would have to stick it out. Maybe we would buy a new cutter, but then we might be stuck with other crappy or difficult software. But if you LIKE MTC and decide to get a new cutter, then you can still work with software you know because MTC works with other cutters BESIDES Cricut. And perhaps there in lies the fear from PC. If SCAL works only with Cricut, then folks can use it, but they still have to pay PC for the machine. But since MTC works with others, then people have a choice. But if PC is standing in the way of our being able to get the software, then they are limiting our choice. Does this rambling make sense?

    Now the whole thing with the Angel Policy is sort of a side issue, but it really demonstrates that you can effect change if you inform people. They still HAVE an Angel Policy, but they had to loosen up a bit. And maybe some eyes were opened in the process.

    Glad you're here. We want to help get you over that hump using the software, so don't HESITATE to ask any questions.
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    I don't pay attention to Angel Policies. Never have. I pay attention to the "FBI will arrest you" stuff on CDs and DVDs and I don't have anyone to share carts with, so mehhhh...what is PC doing for me? Nadda. Zippo. Nilch. Nothing.

    And frankly I was getting ready to hurl reading how wonderful those people think PC is for this new Angel Policy. Puh-lease. My advice to PC: Build a bridge and get over yourselves.
    I always feel like somebody's watching me. Is it YOU?
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    I thought this guy said it all just right..........lol

    K_lee's Krafting Niche'
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    yes he did.
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    I was laughing at the ending of his post because he was going to cut 10001 letter A's and then decided I would be easier and sell them on ebay. roflmao!
    I always feel like somebody's watching me. Is it YOU?
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    lol what are they gonna do shoot him.
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  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83

    I will remember you said you would not hesitate to help me - that might be quite a task you take on. LOL I am deep into card making, a scrapbook for my dear GD that is more than a year late and two vacations coming up, sooooo when all that is done I will really be getting in deep with MTC and proably be begging for help. Really, I know that you are great gals and all I have to do is ask. That's really a NICE feeling. Thanks

  • Rhoda JayneRhoda Jayne Member Posts: 1,640
    Maybe they will release a Cricut with an odometer. when you cut out 10000 images within a year your machine quit until your 365 days are up.
  • nonnieto4nonnieto4 Member Posts: 8
    I don't understand. If this is "supposed" to be a respectful and great site...why all the PC slamming? Instead of cutting down what you don't like,w hy don't you just support what you have? I have come her often to learn more about MTC and what it can do, but all I read are the comments criticizing the folks that do like PC and their products. Some of us aren't as computer savvy to run MTC or Funtime and prefer the predesigned carts out there. Are we less intelligent? Are we less creative? Are we just downright stupid? No. Everyone is entitled to their own personal preference... But that's the feeling I get from all those comments when I read all the "did you see what was posted at the Cricut MB" and links are posted here. Calling Cricut users sheep (or lemmings.. can't find the exact quite) or all the comments made. It all reminds me of junior high. I didn't do well with it then, and don't have to put up with it now. If this is what you call respectful, I don't want any part of it. MTC looks like a great program. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole situation. I haven't had the $$ for MTC right now....but with all the snide remarks about PC and their loyal customers (basically insulting others for their choice/opinion which I don't consider respectfu), I don't know if I want to buy it now.

    I'm not a spy for PC.....just a regular Jo(sephine) that hates snarkiness
  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,133
    Nonnie2four, Sweetie,

    I don't know what all you've read, but I think the "sheep" and "lemmings" being referred to are the ones jumping all over themselves to agree that the company is just so wonderful to open up the "Angel Policy" to include the paper crafters too. Like, duh!!!!

    I use my PC products. They are good for an entry point. They are good for what they do. I never said they weren't or that people who prefer to use carts were stupid in any way. I like to go farther than the carts and DS alone will allow. That's my choice. I don't knock others for deciding differently. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    I will tell you, I paid $68 for my MTC and consider it money well spent. If it weren't for this stupid lawsuit, I would have been enabled by someone from this forum into buying two more carts tonight to use along with MTC. As it is, I'm pursuing an embargo on PC products. My personal choice and I don't look down on those who choose differently.

    I hope you can see that what you took to be disrespectful is just us expressing our opinions of that company's policies and the uninformed who think the company has the right to dictate to them/us, not the people that use the products.


    ps I hope you got the joke about the sheep baa baa the poster is named Lamb LOL
    Live Love Craft
  • Lindacrew4_ID713Lindacrew4_ID713 Member Posts: 4,537
    if your not a spy, why are u here?????
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