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Thinking about starting a local business...

P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
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BUT I'm WAY new! And well shy! LOL I thought about doing scrapbook pages for people amongst other things...
I haven't a clue on where or how to begin really! Everyone I know that sees things I do tell me I should do it.
Any advice? Shared experiences? Thanx in advance! <3


  • GaTechGalGaTechGal Member Posts: 898
    I would check out Etsy.com and look around on Ebay and see what kinds of stuff is out there.
  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    Thanx hun! =] Will do! <3
  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    I would research how much you could get paid for making scrapbook pages. I don't do them, but I'm sure a lot of time and materials go into them, and depending on how long it takes you to get one done, you may not even be able to sell them for a price that would pay you minimum wage.

    When I was doing some scrollsaw work, I had lots of people tell me that I should start a business. However, I have a full time job, and I wouldn't be able to devote all my free time to running a business, no matter how much or little I wanted to make and sell. They would then suggest that I hire someone to do it for me, and I told them, that would totally defeat the purpose, because it was something I enjoyed doing, and I couldn't be sure that someone else would use the same care and perfectionism that I do. Plus if I had to pay someone else, I would have to increase my prices in order to pay them. And I wasn't sure that I would have been able to sell my things if I had to charge more for them. Turning a hobby into a business isn't always a good idea. I'm not trying to discourage you, but if you are doing this because you enjoy it, and then HAVE to do it, to get the "job" done, it may not be as enjoyable any longer.

    I would check out the places listed above to see what kind of work others are doing, and how much they are selling it for, and even how much they actually sell. You may find that while people like what you do, they aren't willing to pay for it, at least not enough for you to really make money at it.

    Just some things to think about.
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  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    edited April 2010
    Well, I wouldn't be planning on getting rich. I'm a stay at home mommy. <3 It wouldn't take me long to do pages... and honestly with the cricut and mtc.... options and styles are limitless! I plan on looking into it, and we'll see what happens! Also plan on maybe getting the cake... BUT I still wanna see what the ecraft is going to do before i go there! =] Thanx for the feedback tho.
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