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Make The Cut! Version 4.2.0

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited November 2012 in MTC Updates
Hey Everyone...

We are releasing a new version of MTC that addresses a few issues and adds a couple features.

Here is a list:
Image Caching/Resampling: This allows you to work with large raster images on the Virtual Mat without bogging down your system. So, if you have a texture that is 1000's of pixels wide/tall, it will resample the image down to 256 pixels/96 DPI when on the Virtual Mat. When it comes time to print your project, it will use the original dimensions and DPI ensuring it looks as perfect as you designed it to look. You can shut this option off and have it go back to the old way by going to Help Menu>>Advanced>>Advanced Settings>>Image Caching

Weld/Join Texture Offsetting: When welding or joining 2 shapes, where the shape on top has a texture, after the operation the shape on the bottom will take on the texture properly. It's hard to explain, so here's a picture:
You start with an alpha trace, shadow it, then weld the two shapes together. The older versions of MTC would offset the image to the shadow layer by what it was offsetted by on its original layer. In this version, it offsets the image by where the shape is.

Better AI/EPS file importing: We updated the EPS/AI library to handle these types of files with more speed and better results.

New Settings Dialog Window: All the settings that were in the Help>>Advanced menu item have been moved to a new window: Help>>Advanced>>Advanced Settings

Clear Undo/Redo History: You can now clear out your undo and redo history if you need to free up memory. Located in the Edit menu.

Many bug fixes, smaller updates: You can select a color when using Wireframe Printing, Conical Warp bug fixes, better mat scrolling, auto-save bugs fixed, Lettering Delights sort-by options, missing Lettering Delights content shows now, other new options in advanced settings.

Introducing: MTC Thumbnails in Windows Explorer!: This is for Windows Explorer (your Windows Desktop). Not Internet Explorer. Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are not the same things.
Go from this:
To This:
Thumbnails will show up anywhere where Windows Explorer is... for example, when you are browsing for files:
PLEASE NOTE: This only works in [Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8] (Both 32 and 64 bit). (Sorry Windows XP people... we may add support down the road.)

Also note that you should clear your thumbnail cache after installing. Easiest way to do this is open Disk Cleanup utility included in Windows, run it, then reboot. This will ensure all your MTC file thumbnails update correctly.

As always, this is a free update. If you would like to donate to Make The Cut!, please click this link. We really appreciate it!

To download 4.2.0 of Make The Cut, click here: Make The Cut! Version 4.2.0
To download the MTC File Viewer, click here: Make The Cut! File Viewer 1.0.0

Please note that all versions of Make The Cut! after version 4.1.1 (including this one) will not load the Cricut plug-in (PCCPlugin.DLL).

Thanks everyone!
The Make The Cut! Team.
I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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