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Confession--I'm addicted to glitter!

newbie1nomorenewbie1nomore Member Posts: 232
edited April 2010 in Off Topic
I have just discovered the endless possibilties of glitter! Who knew my kids' craft box would be so much fun! The question is...can you use it too much?!? My house will soon be coated in a fine layer of glitter I'm sure!

I was just at Michael's and they had little four-packs of glitter for $1.50, so I picked up some more colours today. They also had little four-packs of flocking, which I've never used before. Anyone have any tips on how to use it?

What are all of you addicted to (besides MTC of course!)?


  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I'm not addicted to glitter - just to glitter glue and actually only Stickles. Love that stuff - especially the Ice Stickles and Distress Stickles. Whole lot easier than loose glitter!
  • newbie1nomorenewbie1nomore Member Posts: 232
    I've never used stickles. What are they?
  • drummrzgirldrummrzgirl Member Posts: 28
    I saw those glitter packs at Michaels...I wish they would have had it before I bought the super pack by Martha Stewart :( I bought some of the flocking but haven't tried it yet.
  • angelamcleanangelamclean Member Posts: 41
    The glitter is always ace.. wait 'til you see the martha steward fine glitter packs at walmart! The flocking is AWESOME, especially for cute animal fur (e.g. lambs) or even chick feathers! I use a glue pen... You could draw your animal in pen via your cutter then apply glue then apply flock...
    Have fun!
    Angela xxx.
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Stickles are glitter glue from Ranger. There's a couple of different varieties. Ice Stickles have the most shine and are translucent. Distress Stickles have a more old-fashioned look. I usually find them with the stamping stuff - although the Distress Stickles are usually wherever they've stashed the Tim Holtz stuff. And I don't think I've ever seen the Ice Stickles outside of a stamp or scrapbook store. My LSS got me addicted and then moved to Idaho!!!

    All of the Stickles work great - I've never gotten a clog using them. And they keep the glitter enclosed so there's not a lot of flaking off.
  • Amy_ChomasAmy_Chomas Member Posts: 1,301
    Oooh there is glitter everywhere here! I even like adding it to boy pages lol!
    Want a quick way to get it on a project? I use the Cricut to cut Quickutz double sided adhesive sheets, they are pretty reasonably priced to! I just remove one side of the protective sheet, put it on my cardstock, run it through the machine, then you remove the other side of the protective sheet and add the glitter to that!!!
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Amy - I've used the Distress Stickles on boy and man cards. They're a lot more subtle looking!
  • newbie1nomorenewbie1nomore Member Posts: 232
    I'll have to keep my eye for the Stickles. I have a super fine zig pen that I have been using to apply my regular glitter with. I used it to trace some small scrolls on my paper for a mother's day card, and I am so happy with how it turned out. My kids have glitter glue, but I find it doesn't come out in small lines, so I wouldn't have looked twice at Stickles before. Glad for the info!
  • newbie1nomorenewbie1nomore Member Posts: 232
    The added bonus of glitter--it comes in rainbow packages. They could package ANYTHING like that and I want it. So much for the old adage "it's what's on the inside that counts." I, apparently, am all about the (rainbow) package!
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Oh, I'm definitely about having ALL the colors!!!
  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    I am a BLING JUNKIE! Glitter jewels whatever! LOL SO happy to see that I'm not alone! =]
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    My favorite glitz/bling is actually pretty cheap - they're stickers called Dazzler or Diamond Dots from the Class-A-Peel people, I think. They're little holographic dots in a variety of sizes and in a few colors. I think they run about $2 a package when I can find them. And finding them is the problem. When I see them at Michael's, I buy them. So far I've got the "regular" which have a silver center with a gold rim, gold, red, and pink. I've seen green but I didn't buy them when I got a chance!!! There's a ton of them to a sheet and they're a little fiddly (I use a large ball-headed straight pin). But they add just the right amount of bling without adding extra weight or depth to a card. Important for mailing!
  • Nancy_Cre8iveCutzNancy_Cre8iveCutz Member Posts: 1,545
    I discovered the joys of glitter not too long ago, now everytime I come up from my craft room my husband points out the glitter on my nose, or my cheek or whatever. Somehow I seem to get glitter on me everytime I'm in there, even if I'm not using any glitter! :-)

    cre8ive cutz blog
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  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    When I first read this thread, it reminded me of something I bought a few years ago at a local craft show. It is from Tonertex, and is called a Write n Rub glue pen. You can write on anything, paper, wood, or any hard surface, and then let the glue dry, then put either the extra fine glitter, or foils on it. So I had to go dig it out, and even after all these years, the glue was still good, just took a little prompting to get it flowing, but once I got it started it worked just as I remember it being advertised.

    I also purchased some of the Jelly Roll glitter pens. Those are nice to, but for a real glittery look the glue pen and glitter work great. Now that I found them, I want to start using it on everything.

    Diane in Colorado Springs Proud Owner of a Silver Bullet Professional Series 24 inch cutter rated #1 by Top Ten Reivews http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://www.mycraftythoughts.blogspot.com/
  • theboydbunchtheboydbunch Member Posts: 129
    I am, too! LOL I've been added sparkly Stickles to all the fabric paints on the tshirts I've been making
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I use the Tonertex glue pens when working with tiny cut out or punched pieces. Used to be able to get foil kits really cheap from the local QVC outlet - and each had two or three of the glue pens.
  • TamTam Member Posts: 1,523
    One word of caution when using glitter - don't do it with the ceiling fan on over your work surface. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

    I love bling!

    One fun thing to do with gliter... dip your brad heads into glue and then into glitter. FUN, fun, fun!!!

  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    Tam LOL!! Funny!!!
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Ah - and don't forget the ever important step of DON'T EXHALE in the direction of your fine glitter, FlowerSoft, flocking, pigment powders, etc. etc.
  • Nancy_Cre8iveCutzNancy_Cre8iveCutz Member Posts: 1,545
    I love that tip about the brad heads, going to have to try that one!


    imagecre8ive cutz blog
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  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    I would also add keeping your CATS out of the area when you are glittering.. mine have a habit of wanting to jump up on my table.. so I got into the habit of having so much stuff on my table, that there isn't any room for them...LOL
    Diane in Colorado Springs Proud Owner of a Silver Bullet Professional Series 24 inch cutter rated #1 by Top Ten Reivews http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://www.mycraftythoughts.blogspot.com/
  • Amy_ChomasAmy_Chomas Member Posts: 1,301
    Also don't sneeze...
  • bbonkobbonko Member Posts: 913
    My first thought was about my cats...one in particular just loves to supervise. She checks out the paper coming out the back of the E; walks on the mat holder in the front; and swats anything that looks like she can knock on the floor. I don't even wanna think about what her bushy tail could do!!

    Brenda B Longview, WA
  • KATHYANNKATHYANN Member Posts: 1,428
    edited April 2010
    I never go anywhere without a little glitter. :-} I do love stickles and glitter glue too!!!
    Kathy - Katiedoodlesgran
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