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Rhinestone SS Size Chart File

rsmobley85rsmobley85 Member Posts: 544
edited November 2012 in Shares
I needed a cut out size chart so I could size some of the Rhinestones I have that are not marked. So I can sort them by size.

In MTC some of the SS numbers have2 like SS6 and SS6. The first is smaller then the other. For this file I choose the second number when there were two. So you know if you need the smaller number, just select that circle and choose the rhinestone feature and change your hole, preview and apply, it will now be changed to the smaller size.

How to use this file. There is a note added. Read it.
On the mat you will see numbers. Those are the SS Number sizes per hole. Its on its own layer and closed and locked. You do not cut that layer. Just for reference of size. DO not re-size this file. As it will change the size of the holes.

I cut this out of two pieces of thick card stock and glued them together. And trimmed the edges. Then took a micro fine point and wrote the number on the card stock above the hole.

I have in this file MTC from (4.0.4) , SVG, PDF you can print out. And a picture.

Hope you find this useful. I did, I layed my rhinestone in upside down and you want the whole where it lays flat and even with the cardstock. Good way to help you sort. If you only have a few.

You could always Make a template with a whole bunch of those same size holes if needed for a lot.

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