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Cutting is Super-Slow [RESOLVED]

DukeFanDukeFan Member Posts: 1,650
edited April 2010 in Resolved Issues
Any time I try to cut with my MTC, it is very SLOW.

I have attempted to do the "smooth and simplify" command, but it tells me there is nothing to smooth or simplify, and then it takes like a minute and a half to cut out a word - even if I'm just usint text and no graphics.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or does it just cut slowly like that?

I have the speed set on Medium.


  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    I use the maximum speed and click the refresh buttom before cutting each time
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  • KathyMKathyM Member Posts: 1,688
    Have you changed the speed setting in MTC to a higher speed? The first time you do this it might give you an error...not to worry...just hit "refresh" or do what I do...hit "okay" when you get the error message, then tell it to cut again. The next time it will have saved your new speed setting and should cut at that speed.

    If you're getting the error using the blue-scissor "cut" button, try using the drop-down command (Cricut-cut)...I use that now since my computer doesn't seem to like that pretty blue button. :)
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  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    Bump for DukeFan
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  • DukeFanDukeFan Member Posts: 1,650
    Thanks, gals. I changed the speed, and I couldn't believe how much faster it was.

    I knew I had it set on medium before, but I didn't realize the difference from one step to the next would be so drastic.

    Thanks for setting me straight! lol
  • justjaymajustjayma Member Posts: 150
    Do you mean the speed on the software or on the machine?
  • VinylandVectorsVinylandVectors Member Posts: 4,344
    With the Software, it overides the speed on your machine, you can choose how fast or how slow you want it to cut, you can even choose to have it do a muticut. After you hit cut and you get a pop up screen that says, Mat is loaded, cartridge is loaded, etc. To the bottom and right there is a drop down menu for speed and to the left is a drop down menu for multi-cut. The speed is defaulted at medium and multi-cut is at disabled. HTH

  • KarenPKarenP Member Posts: 4,028
    edited May 2010
    When I cut from MTC I always get an error unless I cut with "low" even if it is only a rectangle shape. Based on this thread I am guessing that is not right. I will try some of these tips.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    nope not right. When I first got mien I had read about the errors. So I set my speed to extreme, hit refresh, closed the window, hit cut again, and then when the cut window opened I hit the cut button REALLY fast. AS long as I do this everytime It holds my speed and I don't have hit refresh.LOL
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