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Silhouette Cameo and Skipping Issues

liketostitchliketostitch Member Posts: 36
edited May 2012 in Help for Make The Cut
Hello. I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced this or can provide guidance concerning a problem I've recently encountered when cutting vinyl w/ my Cameo. I got my Cameo about 3 weeks ago and up until a few days ago, it cut beautifully. Since then, not so much. It started "skipping" and I wasn't cutting anything intricate - an outline of a 5" flip flop - the lines wouldn't match up at the bottom (perhaps the spot where the blade starts and ends?). Having the same problem today with the letter "s" in the Cavalier font at circa 1". I'm using Oracal 651 vinyl but this has also happened when using Oracal 631 vinyl. I have only cut vinyl and only using MTC. I'm aware of blade problems with the Cameo but I haven't read anything where anyone has experienced what I describe as blade skipping and wonder if it's a blade issue or a Cameo machine issue...any suggestions? For those that use MTC when cutting vinyl w/ the Cameo, what do you have your blade/force/speed settings at?. Also what does blade offset do and when should it be used? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated - very upset as everything was going so well initially.


  • WandaNana6WandaNana6 Member Posts: 202
    Hi i was having the same problem as you. It would cut out all around until it got to that certain part and it would skip a lil of it. I could not figure it out so i called silhouette america and she told me that some of the blades that came with the cameo were having problems. So she sent me a new blade. In the meantime before i got it i ordered the click blade holder from Doctahdiva on here and put my old cricut blade in it and it has been fine. I could run my finger over the cameo blade and feel a lil chip in it. I would give silhouette a call and they will ship you a new blade holder and blade. Hope this helps. They were super nice.

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