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Backing Up Settings

thebabycubthebabycub Member Posts: 15
edited April 2012 in Wishlist!
I recently had to reinstall MTC after reinstalling my OS.

Not knowing where all the settings for MTC and the plugins are stored to hack them back in, I had to set up the MTC settings again (which isn't hard i.e. zoom level, mat type), managed to find the file containing the custom mats I created and put that in place, but I realised I lost the X and Y settings for calibrating print and cut in the KNK plugin, so will have to recalibrate which is not so straightforward.

Would it be possible to have a backup and restore option for all the program and plugin settings in a future version?

Also, please do not overwrite the MTC settings with defaults when installing a new version of the software, preserve the user settings.

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