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"16 oz. Tumbler Share" ~CLOSED Update!Tracking Info.~ 03/13

umbuggin2umbuggin2 Member Posts: 343
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Hello All,

UPDATE: 03/13

UPDATE: Monday-03/12

Orders are being submitted today, and I will e-mail you your tracking numbers. I should have them no later than Wed.
Thanks to all who participated.


UPDATES: CLOSING DATE EXTENDED!! I am extending the share date until Sunday, March 11th, due to the slow response. For everyone's name who is on the list, I will be sending your invoices out Sunday evening. We should have at least 8 cases (min) by then.



I have received some e-mails in regards to doing another Tumbler share. This will be the first one of the year. If you are interested please let me know on this thread, and I will add you to the list. You may mix the colors or order all one color. There are 30 cups to a case. They have changed some of the colors that are available, see choices below;


Please include you MTC forum name, real name, e-mail address for invoicing, and how many of each color you like. You can e-mail, or pm me with personal information.

EXTENDED--This share will be open until Sunday- March 11, 2012 @ 3:00 P.M (Eastern Time) All orders must be paid at that time to be submitted. I will send out invoices by Monday March 12th.

I am doing a 16 oz. tumbler share from SilkLetter. I have not done one since August of last year, so much has happened since that time. Instead of going to the stores and paying upward of $4.00 per tumbler, a share is much more cost effective. In this share if we can order 8 cases or more , the price is $2.60 per cup, and with drop shipment, free shipping, it averages out to $2.83 per cup. There will be sales tax if you live in California like me, but if I were to order a case directly from them, it would cost (1 case- $105.00+tax-$10.24=$115.24 total). So I don't mind doing this as it will help curtail my cost too. I would rather pay $83.00 + tax, lol.

With this share based on 8 cases or more (total ordered) you would be invoiced $86.00, (for 1 case) which covers your case, drop shipment- (to 1 address), and paypal fees. This is the same amount that the previous share was charged. I don't want anyone to think that I am making any money off of this, because if you look at the table below, I actually loose a few cents. The reason I left the prices the same, is with with PayPal they will get their 2.9% +.30 no matter what. I think this is easier to keep everything the same.

1 case=$83(with drop ship fee)--you pay 86-I get after paypal fees-83.21
2 case=$161(with drop ship fee)--you pay 166-I get after paypal fees--160.89

I will not invoice anyone until we have at least 8 cases so that we can get the price break. I do not want to do any refunds for cancelling. The share will have 14 spots in case anyone on the list changes their mind.

You can mix your case if you like. I will add you to the list as you let me know here on the forum. My e-mail addy:

[email protected] if you have any questions.

1. mcrouse--Pd.
2. ShrinkingMimsy--Pd.
3. Megan M.--Pd.
4. Yellowrose49--Pd.
5. Veronika44--Pd.
6. Nomem--Pd.
7. YorkieMom--Pd.
8. RockapooJakey--Pd.
9. Belfry--Pd
10. Umbuggin--Pd.



Lillie aka "Um"
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