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Reverse the top of page (ie cut upside down) for eCraft cutter

RapRap Member Posts: 21
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I am new to the electronic cutting world. I just bought an eCraft and I LOVE it. I'm now playing with both the MTC and the eCraftShop Pro software.

I am adding this discussion to the forum because the eCraft machine is new to the market and has a feature different than other machines...matless cutting. This may require different software features than any other machine.

Comparing the apps:
- eCraftShop Pro (ver 2.3.3) starts printing on the edge of the paper that is closest to me (standing in front of machine)
- MTC loads the paper, pushes most of it through to the front and then prints on the farthest edge of the paper.

The advantage gained from the eCraft's software is directly related to the design of the machine. The eCraft does not require a mat so cutting small scrap pieces is a breeze. I've been cutting paper as small as 2" by 2". With the eCraft and eCraft software I manually roll my paper forward or backward to a non-cut placement and then cut. The software does not roll the paper before cutting and does not roll it out afterwards. I usually place one row of elements and if I like the cuts, I can nudge the paper forward a bit and cut another row. I can cut a design in the middle of a piece of paper that is almost cut up to shreds... but has one little tiny space in the middle.

This is not possible with MTC (as far as I know) because the paper seems to check the length first and then positions the paper according to paper size settings. eCraftShop Pro doesn't care how long my paper is and that is a good thing.

It would be awesome if MTC had a setting to turn off automatic paperfeed and allowed for cutting upside down. (With this setting, I think that Print-and-Cut would be amazingly easy to line up on the eCraft)
Using a Roland and MTC


  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    After you create your design in MTC simply drag it to the bottom right corner of your screen ( this is assuming your MTC is set up in portrait mode. Check out purplepaperparadise.blogspot.com This blogspot is great for the eCrafter. If you bought your machine on HSN you would have seen some of her work.

    Congrats on getting a good eCraft. If you see me or anyone else bad mouthing eCraft, please don't take it personally. And if you have eCraft questions we will try to help if we can.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    Thanks for the tip. Haven't had a chance to play with mine yet.
    Who's sorry now?...Hell hath no fury as a crafter scorned!!! http://sitstayscrap.blogspot.com/
  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    You guys, please play a lot with this while you can. If it does not work, return it. I assume you purchased from HSN.
  • RapRap Member Posts: 21
    Yes, the eCraft I have is working well, though I was missing the paper guide. I hope to get that rectified soon.

    Currently, I am getting good results by creating SVG's with MTC and then importing them into the eCraft software to print. As everyone has heard, the eCraft software leaves a lot to be desired but it sends the instructions to cut just fine.

    I see that my MTC eCraftPlugin is v1 BETA and I think that this is related to any problems I've been having. Based on everything that I have read about Andy, I have faith that once he has time to work on the plugin, I will no longer use 2 pieces of software.

    I look forward to ditching my current method and happily using nothing but MTC.
    Using a Roland and MTC
  • RapRap Member Posts: 21
    BobKat, thank you for the advise. It worked well for me to move my design to the bottom of the mat. I'm still hoping though that an upside down orientation is possible in the future. It would be easier on my brain if the orientation matched my printers.
    Using a Roland and MTC
  • RapRap Member Posts: 21
    I absolutely love MTC but the more I am learning, the more I want to reverse the top of page. I don't use a mat with my eCraft and I am cutting out from scraps of paper. Currently, I would have to measure the length of every scrap, change the mat size and then move my design to the bottom of the virtual mat before cutting. So here I am, still exporting from MTC to an svg and then importing into the eCraft software to cut.
    Using a Roland and MTC
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