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New Looks and german language/cm-support

leFeyleFey Member Posts: 4
edited February 2012 in Wishlist!
I am quite new to MTC but I love it's possibilities! But there are two things I am really sad about and which are detering me from buying the software:
1) It is really hard for me to learn a complete new software in a foreign language and measurement. Will there be german- and cm-support in the future?
2) I am really fond of swirls and flowers in beautiful, modern menu bars with dapper colors (pastels like turquoise, light blue, rose, purple). And I am really happy to see, that a lot of manufacturers are following this trend (swirls and flowers: Husqvarna Diamond deluxe, HP notebooks etc.).
Isn't there a way to dress(menu bars, icons) this great, powerful programm in an elegant, up to date way (like Adobe Lightroom, Silhouette Studio)? It would be so wonderful to work with a programm that looks as beautiful as the artwork, you are creating with it.
Thank you so much for your attention and efforts



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