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Ok....I will go ahead an host another tape share, if we get enough orders for a bulk order. THIS IS NOT FOR THE 3M brand, but an off brand (same as ordered back in October)

DESCRIPTION: ATG-7502 is a 2 mil (0.05mm) glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with gold siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. This product is specifically designed to be used in ATG (Adhesive Transfer Gun) dispensers. The ATG system automatically rewinds the tape's liner inside of the dispenser as the tape is applied (tape is dispensed without liner).

FEATURES / BENEFITS: Glass stabilization allows for cleaner unwinding. Excellent adhesion to paper, most plastic films, metal foils, etc. Ultra-violet light has little or no effect on adhesive.

APPLICATIONS: Used for mounting nameplates, picture framing, product assembly, design and packaging of prototypes, sealing envelopes, paper web splicing, and general mounting and holding.

Acid Free
Adhesive: Glass Stabilized Acrylic Adhesive
Total Thickness: 2 mil (0.050mm) exclusive of liner Peel Adhesion: 22.8oz / inch
Temperature Range: -22° F to +230° F(284° F short term)
Widths Available: 1/4” (6mm)
Length: 36 Yd (33M) – all widths

12 rolls: $1.52
24 rolls: $1.44
36 rolls: $1.43
48 rolls: $1.42
60 rolls: $1.39

That is what I figure out when I figure in the shipping and everything, based off the last share I did. You will be charged the exact cost of shipping.

I would like to do it in quantities of 12, because that is easiest for me (learned off the last one!)

We need 144 rolls per order, so I will leave this open for a week. Then, we'll see where we are at in the count.

TO GET IN ON THE SHARE, please email me [email protected] or post on here the quantity rolls you would like. I will take payment as soon as the tape is in.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

1 Princessaam
2 MickyZs
3 Shrinking Mimsy
4 Colbyscraftymom
5 sandyj
6 irishmist59
7 Gardendog
8 LynnMarie
9 J.T.
10 hwgang
11 AuntJ
12 turtlie
13 Broadway1104
14 Adonijah
15 daffeydil
16 DianainNM
17 salleys
18 debz
19 HappyCrafter
20 bluejeanscreations
21 SydneysMom
22 jgotsch
23 shirltop
24 maxine
25 karenpowell40
26 darlenemcg
27 pamelaj55
28 Sewsnazzy
29 ezmats77
30 Bobkat
31 upnative
32 bossie1
33 Ann
34 CraftyGirl
35 Paulette
36 honeybee
37 Mel67
38 maureen97
39 Laura Fremont
40 Deb Crowley
41 Angel1356124
42 kmmhug
43 Zoranico1
44 rose481
45 Grma24luvs
46 hope9811
47 apriljoy
48 jax3cats
49 djbutts

**If you aren't on this list, but instead emailed me privately about joining in, then you will find a reply email from me confirming you are in the share! I had sent the share out to a couple groups I run, so those that sent via email, I might not have been able to tell if you were a MTC forum person or not!
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