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Pinback Button Share, BAM and others.

Cutter_KidCutter_Kid Member Posts: 82
edited February 2012 in Shares
In another thread cutting designs to make pinback buttons was discussed and folks had an interest in doing this.
Some folks talked of "Badge A Minute" Buttons since they would be low volume sales or just for fun. I did BAM buttons once many years ago, I consider them primarily over priced junk that looked cheap and shoddy with that advertising for themselves they put on the parts YOU sell. Bam buttons rust to easy also!
Buy better parts for less!! Better quality and NO advertising on them! Bam 2 1/4 is NOT, they are 2 3/8 buttons size!
I speak from experience as I had 2 BAM systems and bought some parts from them till I learned better!

I've been in button for years, till I got into doing other things and just faded out.
I bought by thousands at a time.

I will do a share if people want the button parts as follows.
Real 2 1/4" buttons $20/100 for regular button machines, I use these now myself for years.

BAM 2 3/8" size buttons (called 2 1/4" by BAM) $25/100 since I do not need these myself.

I'd need 500 buttons (per size) requested to make this share. 5 people 100 buttons each (or more) of that size.
I can use the true 2 1/4" size myself is why they are less. BAM size I do not use! Bam size also costs me more to buy because they are an odd size.


I think these parts are actually still MADE IN AMERICA also, but I'd have to call and ask to be sure.

I would maybe make a couple dollars on this share also, but not much. Might buy me lunch or a tank of gas for my Motorcycle LOL


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