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.svg, .mtc, .ttf, .png, .jpeg files viewable all in one place....

hope9811hope9811 Member Posts: 192
edited January 2012 in Wishlist!
Hi. I was just wondering if there is a way that we can view .mtc, .svg, .ttf .png, .jpeg files all in one place. I know in MTC that I can view .svg files or if I try to open, I can view .mtc files, but I was wondering if there was a way to view them all in one place. I have quite a collection of files....half .svg and half .mtc not to mention all my .ttf fonts. I would like to be able to see all of my options in one place without having to look at just the .mtc files and then have to go into the svg place to see all the .svg files. I have irfanview that works kinda like a .svg viewer like adobe viewer was, but I can still only see half of my files at one time ...it is great for seeing multiple .svgs or fonts all at once to help me decide but it sure would be nice to see all three of them in one place.....svg, .ttf, and .mtc all in one place.

Like I said, I knw that if I go into MTC I can view all of them, but I have to do it seperately. In all the updates has this been addressed? To be able to see them all at once would be a HUGE time saver not to mention it would make using all my files so much easier and faster. With all the changes in the program (which I love and have owned since version 1.0) this is one thing that I still wish would be addressed..... has it and I've missed it? Or is their a way for Andy to write a plugin to be used with irfanview that would allow irfanview to view .mtc files so that my .svg, .ttf, and .mtc files were all viewable at the same time in ONE place? (For those that don't know Irfanview allows .svg files AND .tff FONT filesto be viewed all in one place easily as thumbnails.)

To help with this problem, I have been exporting my files to a .jpeg format so that I can see them, but with thousands of files (yeah....literally....) this is still a huge job....

Andy/Bryan..... is this possible or is there a way that I am missing? Any info would be appreciated.


(I originally posted this on the general forum, but thought I'd add it to the wishlist forum also....just in case it's more appropriate here.....) :-)


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