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I have a question

DukeFanDukeFan Member Posts: 1,650
edited December 2009 in General
So....let me get this straight....

This software can cut a .SVG with no conversion (even if it is a raster?)

Therefore, if one has a Gypsy and can design with all of the shapes/fonts that PC has put on cartridges and then save it to the Gypsy, it can then be transferred to one's computer as an .svg, right???? If so, doesn't that mean that a gypsy owner or even just a DS owner, for that matter, can cut any PC image without ever buying a cartridge? Am I hearing that correctly????


  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Member Posts: 1,183
    No, you are not hearing correctly. First off, MTC can't cut a raster without converting it to SVG. An SVG with an embedded raster you want to cut is not even going to be convertible as you need a jpg for MTC to autotrace.
    Secondly, the Gypsy can not save as .svg, only .gypsy. It can be exported with DS to a .cut file, but not to .svg.
    A determined person can take screen shots of cut files in DS and autotrace those in MTC, but this has been the case in SCAL2 and before that with Inkscape and SCAL1.
  • DukeFanDukeFan Member Posts: 1,650
    Thanks for clearing that up for me! I was a bit confused on the file endings.
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