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Glass Bevels With holes~ Etch with etching cream, use photos beheld them -ready made gifts!

SimmerSimmer Member Posts: 484
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Hello! To get in on this sale we have to hurry. Here are the prices and Id like to pass them on to you. I do need to order quite a bit to get these terrific prices. To ship please order at least 10 and I'll ship in the small priority box (5.20) - I can fit 20-30 in one of those. The Medium I can fit a lot (10.95)

The Round one is 3 inch bevel with hole and 1.75 each.. I need to order 125 to get that price so please let me know how many (this goes for each shape)

The rest of the bevels are 2.00 each and approx the same size. I need to order at least 125 of each type to get that price.

I would like to place this order within 10 days so please let me know here how many you like of each

I just bought some bevels like this wholesale and paid 3.90 each. :( The round and heart one can be used year round .. put initials in them? a pretty ribbon

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