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3M ATG Tape Share....anyone interested? -UPDATED-SHARE FULL!

PaperthreadsPaperthreads Member Posts: 748
edited October 2011 in Shares
I am just about out of ATG Gun tape...and so am going to be ordering.

I normally order a dozen rolls at a time, and I get the regular, not the gold, but can do a separate share for the gold tape, if people prefer that (I make more cards, less scrapbooking pages, so don't need a lot of the completely acid free tape). The cheapest place I have found to order this tape is Framing Supplies....if there is a cheaper place to bulk order from, please let me know!!

Anyway....please post if you would be interested, and if we get enough, I can order in, and we can do a share.

Standard ATG ROLL, 1/4" x 36 yards AT $1.21 PER ROLL, PLUS SHIPPING:

KSG - 10
vERONIKA44 - 20
KIM - 48

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