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Tumbler Shares Updating Tracking Numbers~Please Read!!

umbuggin2umbuggin2 Member Posts: 343
edited September 2011 in Shares
UPDATE: Monday 9/12

Hi All!

IMPORTANT! Message from Fed-X

Severe flooding due remnants of Tropical Storm Lee may cause some service delays and disruptions within the East coast today.

I received some tracking numbers after contacting SL this morning. I am still waiting on more to come today, and I will be sending them to you via Paypal e-mail. The ones they sent meant manually adding them to the accounts which I have been doing for the last 3 hrs. Normally they send back my spreadsheet with tracking numbers attached, not the case since my normal CS rep was off a few days last week. If you have not received your numbers, they will be coming soon. I inputted what I have so far. Hang in there, trying to get them posted asap!
Thanks for you patients!


I have had a few e-mails inquiring about the tracking numbers for the shares. I contacted SL on Thursday for the numbers, because I had not received them. My normal CS rep was off Thursday and Friday. They promised to send them to me yesterday, .....well what I received I can't read. Not sure what format they used, it looks Greek to me!
I know that they are now using Fed-X to ship, has anyone received theirs yet? I will have your numbers on Monday, since they are close over the weekend. Hang in there, they are on the way.


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