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16 oz. Tumbler Share #2 CLOSED!!~~UPDATED!!!

umbuggin2umbuggin2 Member Posts: 343
edited September 2011 in Shares
Hi All,

"Um Buggin" here again with another 16 oz. tumbler share. This is a 16 oz. tumbler share from SilkLetter. I know a lot of us would love to use the new MTC Conical Warp update for this, but have no tumblers. Instead of going to the stores and paying upward of $4.00 per tumbler, a share is much more cost effective. We need a minimum of 8 case to receive the price break.

This share will CLOSE-Sept. 2, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

UPDATES: Due to a family emergency, this share was submitted, but I can still add on orders thru Monday, Sept. 5th.
I had a lot of inquiries that came in while I was at the hospital. I will get anyone who I have missed added.



Tumblers are 30 per case, and you can mix the colors. The Orange tumblers are now available!
Here is the link from the last share if you have questions.


1 case $78.00+ $5.00 drop/ship+$3.00 P/Pal fees=$86.00. If you live in California there will be sales tax added to this total.
I accept payments thru PayPal only! Please wait for your invoice before sending me payments please.

If you would like in on this share, I need the following information from you:

MTC forum name-
Real Name-
Shipping Addy-
Clear or Mxd. case-
How many of each, and colors-

You may contact me here on the forum thru pm, or e-mail me at:

http://[email protected]

if you would like further information. This may be the last tumbler share that I do for the year. If you need them for the holidays, order now!

Hugz, xx

"Um Buggin"

1. Claudine------- 2 cases-Clear- PAID
2. "clockwatcher"--- 1 mxd. case- PAID
3. dmac--------- 2 cases-Clear--PAID
4. Reba 1--------- 1 mxd. case--PAID
5. Christylees----- 1 case-Clear--PAID
6. Marbet04------ 1 mxd. case--PAID
7. PuckerB.------- 1mxd. case--PAID
8. Pamela J55----- 1 mxd. case--PAID
9. Sandy J-------- 1 mxd. case--PAID
10. Debemac------ 1 case-Clear--PAID
11. iu97alum------ 1 case-Clear--PAID
12. Tshappat------ 1 case-mxd.--PAID
13. Darlenemcg----- 1 case-mxd.--PAID
14. YorkieMom----- 3 cases-1 Clear.,
2 -mixed--------------------PAID

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