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Late to the texture/color changing feature party...

debzdebz Member Posts: 3,310
edited August 2011 in General
But I just spent the last hour playing around with it and it's fun!! Here's a link to the videos LD made about it: http://www.youtube.com/user/LDTuber1#p/u

I don't think I'd print him out this way, but here's my funky chicken (forgot to trace his eyes, so he can't see):


I've been playing around with the patterns feature in Photoshop to make my own based on free patterns I downloaded off the web and I uploaded a few of them in my box.net widget if you want to download them and play with them. I love how you can change the colors and sizes.

wow!! :)

This also solves my problem I was having with importing textures with .pngs that I trace. For some reason if I break the image apart I lose the textures, so now I can just put my own in.

edit: link to blog entry: http://krapikreate.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/textures-mtc-and-funky-chickens/

The textures are in the flash_widget box on the right. It's cool because you can see a little thumbnail of them before you d/l.
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