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Make The Cut! Version 2.0.0 to 2.2.1

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited March 2010 in MTC Updates
Hello Everyone!

Well, it was a rough couple days and I have one last update which will bring Make The Cut to 2.2.1.

Download link is here. Since we are using a new install system, those who haven't installed 2.1.0, please uninstall the old version before installing this one.


This version added a couple of bug fixes for printer support.

Now it will cut on the die-cutters listed below!


This means that you can print what is on your mat using your printer in full color. And since we are working with vector graphics, you can print as big or small as you want without any type of pixelation or distortion.

Also, Make The Cut! has added a Wireframe option so you can cut on:
Craft Robo
Craft Robo Pro
Pink Wishblade
Blue Wishblade
Gazelle "lookalikes": FunCut, and CutOK

My friend Julie should have information on how to get MTC to cut with these cutters using 2.2.0 in her yahoo group.

Since we are using a new install system, it would be wise to uninstall your old version first before installing 2.2.0


This version (hopefully) fixes the trace problem that some people were having.

Added to this version is a new "Selection Properties" dialog. You can access this dialog by going to "View" menu item or hitting CTRL+Q. With this new dialog you can select a group of shapes and position/size them manually.

MTC will now warn you that shapes are off the mat before cutting and let you decide if you want to abort the cut to fix the problem.

Shape View has been added back in -- Select a shape then hold the F1 key and double click (it used to be Shift+double-click, but that does something else due to previous updates)


The whole core of Make The Cut! has been completely re-written. This makes it possible to add new features with ease.

The whole Printer Support core has been re-written. This makes Make The Cut! work better with the Craft Robo. (We are working on Gazelle support and other HPGL devices)

The main change is that the Object Properties window (which never really worked right) has been completely scrapped. We replaced it with a Layer Properties window. Please don't get scared... we made layers work pretty seamlessly. This was very important to us.

The way you select, move, rotate, etc shapes has been completely changed. This time it will actually work the way you hoped it would from the start. You get handles to pull on every side. To change to rotate handles, just click on the selection and the handles will automatically change.

MTC files made with 1.* will open in 2.0.3+

MTC files made with version 2.0.3 will not be able to be opened in 1.4 or previous (Just like files made in 1.4 won't open in 1.3, etc)... so please hold off on uploading files to the gallery until 2.0.3+ is taken out of beta.

This is a BETA meaning there WILL be bugs and there WILL be new things you have to learn.

If you are comfortable with 1.4.0, then continue to use it. The advanced users will make sure this version is a comfortable switch for 1.4.0 users.

Here is a PDF file on the new Layers functionality from Scrappy Dew over at http://www.scrappydew.com/
Click Here

Here is a video tutorial from Scrappy Dew:
Click Here
PDF Version

Here is a video tutorial from Stacy over at http://www.stackyscraps.com/
Click Here
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