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I'm loving this new software

scrappinchickscrappinchick Member Posts: 1
edited December 2009 in General
I downloaded the trial version of MTC at midnight last night and have created soooo many cuts with it cuts I would not have without this software!!! I did a Hello Kitty,
Harley Davidson logo,a spiderman title,cookie monster and a lot more!!! I have had soo much fun with this software!!! I am going to try and cut some tonight and then decide if I want to buy this.I have SCA and SCA2 and DS!! This is the easiest software ever if you are on the fence download the trial version you will be hooked!!! I hope new features come soon!!!


  • The Biscuit ScrapsThe Biscuit Scraps Member Posts: 334
    Now that's just so cool. This is what so many are needing to hear. I hope you post that on the thread in Cricut Chat so those who are just watching will see it. The more we get on board, the better this adventure is going to be.
  • brz352brz352 Member Posts: 2
    Where do I go to download the trail version?
  • The Biscuit ScrapsThe Biscuit Scraps Member Posts: 334
    brz352....when you download on the home page, it will ask you if you want the demo version or do you want to buy. Click the demo button.
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    Awesome to hear all this -- remember to keep suggesting ideas. Even if you think "this is a dumb idea" -- say it! You may not think too much of it, but maybe we can make it into something awesome that no one has ever seen before.

    I really want this to be the perfect solution -- make the Cricut into what it was supposed to be. We need not be frustrated with our investment!
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • brz352brz352 Member Posts: 2
    This looks great!! I am at work so I just emailed my dh so he can check it out for me. I don't have scal or any of the "outside" softwares. My warranty is out on my cricut anyway so I have been trying to decide if I want a software other than CDS.
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