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Family orientated forum/don't know what happened she is so nice & helpful/apologizing/miss her here!

artsie1artsie1 Member Posts: 1,451
edited May 2011 in Off Topic
I don't want kicked off here because I love MTC and when I first came to this forum it was so loving, everyone helped everyone no matter what cutter you were using. I loved the enviroment; but in the last couple of months; I have witnessed some arguing. I don't want anyone to argue; you can agree to disagree, everyone does things there own way and that is okay. That's what makes this world a wonderful place; so boring if we all thought exactly alike. I don't know what went on but Dawn is one of the nicest, most helpful person I have ever typed too and got answers. I miss her presence here; she is the only person I know that sets her computer to have it alarm her when someone needs help. I thought that all companies and people were equals on this forum; no favorites to certain machines nor people. I shouldn't assume anything I know; but I am at a total loss of why she would leave the forum. Someone had to of offended her greatly for her to leave; she is very, very, nice. I do not like when people argue as my personality is a peace keeper; so for me to post this it is a huge step for me. I am going to send her an email and apologize to her even though I do not know the cause of her leaving and I hope more people take the time to do so. She was an asset to MTC. I don't care what machine you cut with; it can be any machine you like. Everyone likes their machines of choice for their own reasons and I personally like you for you; not what you cut with. Nor what you use it for. I think Ann, Andy, Bryan,Christy, Julie, Rachell, Dana, Beanie, Z, HappyCrafter, KathyAnn, Missmay, Maxine, Karen, Rob (I will stop to many to list) etc.; have been so helpful and pleasant. Everyone shares and cares and this means alot to me. I am not a cardmaker, nor scrapbooker, I airbrush but I love the files everyone on this site have shared with all of us. I mainly download them because if I need to make a card or someday want to scrapbook; I can. I also have grandchildren who like to do art; I can show them your designs and hopefully we will have another generation that continues the love of this. And hopefully; Ann and Andy's children and Bryan's will continue the MTC program and Webinars; I love the thought of that. It makes me sit here and cry that there has been upset on this site. I haven't met anyone in person yet; but you all mean the world to me. I am happy for you when something good happens; I grieve and pray for you when something bad happens. Are we all strangers; probably, but what I do know is I have come to care about all of you. And it makes me very sad to think that someone I cared about is not here anymore because somehow we offended her. And I for one am so sorry. I am sending her an apology from my email as soon as I post this and I hope others follow; I do not know what to apologize for but I will tell her that I am so sorry for whatever happened, if I offended her in any way and wish she would come back. I am also sorry if I am offending anyone for posting this; I mean no harm. I am just sad to tears. I guess I am pathetic but I care.


  • TAMinatorTAMinator Member Posts: 2,931
    I am totally lost. But I don't read all the threads, either. As far as I know there are at least 2 Dawns here and I don't even know which you are referring to. Whoever it is, I hope she comes back.
    I think arguing is just a natural part of life. And you just have to let it run it's course.
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  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    edited May 2011
    Curly girl it was not you , but yes Dawn (Thyme) is missed here.
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  • KimKim Member Posts: 2,488
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  • artsie1artsie1 Member Posts: 1,451
    You probably know her by Thyme
  • ladidaladida Member Posts: 182
    Thank you, thank you so much for writing this! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and again thank you for writing exactly how I feel about it. My English isn't good enough to share my exact feelings and now you have done it. I have had sleepless nights over this, and although I'm just a lurker I feel that you all are like family. I miss Dawn and all the others and so wish they will come back.
  • artsie1artsie1 Member Posts: 1,451
    I already sent her an apology for whatever happened; I just hope others follow suit. If you don't know her email; pm me and will give it to you.
    Thanks to anyone that does this.
  • ladidaladida Member Posts: 182
    I have emailed Dawn.
  • CeCeCreatesCeCeCreates Member Posts: 1,869
    It is all very sad indeed.
  • elieli46elieli46 Member Posts: 512
    Thank you for your beautiful message Curly Girl. I feel sad as well.
    Elizabeth (Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.)
  • LJLJ Member Posts: 20
    Very Well Said CurlyGirl. Dawn & Karen are both super people and it is very sad.
  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
    Nice post Becky. In another post I briefly mentioned that hopefully Dawn will reconsider and return here. She is a valuable asset.

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but I was thinking just this morning that it's a little dull without Rach, Christy, and downunder Karen here as much also. So ladies we need you here to help keep things lively and interesting.
    As long as the bicycle wheels are still turning, life is good. Sharon in North Central Idaho
  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
    Something is wrong with this thread. I posted at 11:48 but it is saying 10:35 which is the time that CurlyGirl made her original post. So it is not going to the top. I posted this to see if it will go to the top.
    As long as the bicycle wheels are still turning, life is good. Sharon in North Central Idaho
  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
    edited May 2011
    And it didn't. Is someone messing with the clock/time stamp???
    As long as the bicycle wheels are still turning, life is good. Sharon in North Central Idaho
  • artsie1artsie1 Member Posts: 1,451
    HappyCrafter if you were meaning curlygirl; it's Brenda, but I come from a big family and answer to anything. When I was little my mom would yell to someone and get all flabbergasted and she would finally say: You know who I mean. So we pretty well answered to whatever. So I don't mind being Becky today; kinda fun, if it was me you were referring too. Needed a chuckle anyway!
  • ConiCutsConiCuts Member Posts: 1,673
    I too am saddened by what has been happening here and have said nothing for fear of being banned from the forum as Karen Strong was. Dawn (Thyme) is still a member but has left us. I feel that Black Cat owners will now be left out in the cold as now we don't have Dawn or Karen. Yes I know I can reach them still off of here, but I've always loved this forum and never would have thought that anyone would be banned or that things would suddenly disappear.

    No doubt there is much we don't know that has transpired behind the scenes, but as adults things should have been able to be worked out. I have come to love and respect many here and will admit I don't agree with how things have been handled. This entire thing and all the changes I've seen in the past few days has caused me such grief and I feel as though I am in mourning.
  • SuzanSuzan Member Posts: 820
    Thank you curly that was a very touching post. We all love to defend our machines as the best, and honestly, they are the best to us because we purchased them. I think if everyone including my self took the time to realize, that if we ask for help that the people that truly can help help, and we smile and say please and thank you. We don't get defensive when others throw in an opinion, and remember also, we bought the machines we bought for a reason, and we don't want to plug in some one elses stuff to use our machine. We just need to wait patiently for our plug ins to happen. I appreciate all the help I have received here from Christy, Rach, Dawn and they are sorely missed. I just hope one day things change and this forum can return to the great fun place it used to be.
  • SuzanSuzan Member Posts: 820
    You are right, just posted went out and came back in and it didn't go to the top.
  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
    Sorry Brenda--Brenda is what I meant.
    As long as the bicycle wheels are still turning, life is good. Sharon in North Central Idaho
  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    I think we do need to remember that this forum is about using MTC and crafting with out machines - whatever the brand. It is not about specific machines. Saying that one machine or another will get left out? Andy is pretty open that he is trying to get plug-ins for many machines, not just one or two (except for the-machine-that-shall-not-be-named). I am not sure why that would make anyone feel left out?

    From what I read, we are still welcome to comment about our machines and ask for help. I don't read all posts but most and I have not seen even one post that says we can't ask about a certain machine. Except for maybe the-machine-that-shall-not-be-named but that was PCs fault, not Andy's - and we can talk about it, we are just not to say it is compatible any more. Crafters with all machines should feel welcome here as long as they stay on the topic of crafting and using this software with their machine.

    I don't think many or anyone of us know why those individuals have chosen to leave, but as someone asked (maybe Rachellann?) we need to "please respect" this choice. (I would link to that discussion but -of course!- I cannot find it now.) Let's try to focus on crafting.
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  • SydneysMomSydneysMom Member Posts: 1,860
    Did I miss something? Why is Dawn gone?!! She needs to come back and hopefully she will. :-((
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  • scrpbookladyscrpbooklady Member Posts: 68
    I don't know what is at the root of all of this - but I do want to say that the reason I switched over here from SCAL was because of the kindness and helpfulness that I saw in the forums. Even though it was right at the time of the settlement and there was a lot of anti-PC sentiment, I never felt that PC owners were frowned upon. There seemed to be very open and honest discussion about the pros and cons of all brands of cutters.

    At some point in the past couple of weeks, I noticed that there had been a change in the forums but since I'm not on here all the time, I couldn't really put a finger on what it was. I do believe that the members that are no longer here made a huge contribution to the atmosphere on this forum and their absence will be missed.

    Just my two cents.

  • corwinscorwins Member Posts: 1,841
    What I think has been written on my blog. I did not want to add anything to the fire so....if you are interested at all in the way I feel you can read it there.
  • Sheri_in_TXSheri_in_TX Member Posts: 559
    I still don't know what happened or what went on. All I know is that this forum seems to be going through some of the same growing pains as some of the other forums I've been part of over the years. It's sad but they reach this point and seem to turn from personal, warm, friendly places to share your work into some place that is not near as welcoming as it once was. Very sad. I miss Dawn and Sherri and the others who have left us.
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  • amaslpamaslp Member Posts: 268
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